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Kuwait parliament speaker calls for supporting Palestinians, lambasts "surrender dealers"

Speaker of the Kuwaiti National Assembly Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanim
Speaker of the Kuwaiti National Assembly Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanim

CAIRO, May 21 (KUNA) -- Speaker of the Kuwaiti National Assembly Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanim on Saturday called for supporting moderate Palestinian forces in the face of recurring Israeli attacks and breaches and rhetorically hammered what he branded as "surrender dealers." Al-Ghanim, addressing inaugural session of the 33rd conference of the Arab Inter-parliamentary Union, affirmed necessity of holding the session on Palestine regardless of demoralizing rhetoric by some parties, whom he dubbed "as traders of surrender." Contesting the argument that Arabs' gatherings on Palestine have been rhetorical, Al-Ghanim said, "Every meeting and forum where the name Palestine is mentioned is important .. because our conflict with the enemy is actually a strife between memory and memory loss, an existential presence vis a vis extermination plots." "The enemy is scared of the memory of Palestine and the land and has done a great deal to portray itself as an oasis of democracy, plurality, freedom and progress. However, day after another it has proven to be an arena for state terrorism and plunder of the land history," the chief Kuwaiti lawmaker added.
"When I say the Palestinian is the enemy's eternal curse, I do not exaggerate for the Palestinian is a ghost and an eternal nightmare haunting him (the Israeli)," Al-Ghanim added. "I am not exaggerating in this context because Shirine Abu Aqleh did not carry guns or stones or a placard; she simply was guarding the Palestinian's memory through her media profession and the enemy is aware that the picture is stronger than the rifle in many cases."

 Affirming the crucial role of the Palestinian journalists and writers in the struggle against the Israeli occupation, Al-Ghanim said, "Since times of Ghassan Kanafani until the time of Shirine Abu Aqleh, the enemy has been afraid of the Palestinian soft forces.

"The Palestinians have their own poetry, narrations, songs, films, dabkeh (folkloric dance), hymns, food, rites, old stories and all the heritage assets upon which the genuine landlord hinges." The late Kanafani was a famous Palestinian writer who published novels and narrations about Palestine and the Palestinians' struggle. Abu Aqleh, a journalist who worked for Al-Jazeera television, was recently shot dead in the head in Jenin.
Affirming that the resistance is not confined to the armed struggle, the Kuwaiti parliament speaker said that the struggle against the occupation involves Palestinians of all walks of life and diverse specialties and knowledge, such as the engineer, the doctor, the novelist, the poet, the painter etc.
"The enemy dilemma is not solely with the Palestinian martyr but also with the Palestinian witness; for Abu Aqleh is a witness and the enemy naturally is scared of witnesses," Al-Ghanim continued.
He called for financial aid for "the soft Palestinian forces," those who struggle against the occupation without guns. (pickup previous) ms.rk