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India successfully conducts first air-launched naval anti-ship missile test

NEW DELHI, May 18 (KUNA) -- Indian Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and Indian Navy successfully conducted first naval anti-ship missile test on Wednesday.
The Indian Defense Ministry said in a statement that the DRDO and Indian Navy successfully test fired the indigenously developed anti-ship missile from a naval helicopter from Integrated Test Range located in Chandipur off the coast of eastern Indian state of Odisha. "The mission met all its objectives. It is the first indigenous air launched anti-ship missile system for the Indian Navy," the statement said. The missile hit designated target with high degree of accuracy, validating the control, guidance and mission algorithms by following the desired sea-skimming trajectory, it added.
Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh hailed scientists at DRDO, Indian Navy and other officials for the maiden developmental flight test. "India attained a high level of capability in the indigenous design and development of missile systems," Singh said.
India is engaged in an arms race against its two nuclear rivals, China and Pakistan, for last many years through development and test of various missile systems. India's missile system is meant to protect its cities from any possible attacks from the two neighboring countries with witch New Delhi has long standing border disputes. (end) atk.sam