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G7 won't recognize Russian-imposed borders in Ukraine - statement

BERLIN, May 14 (KUNA) -- Representing the world's richest countries, the Group of Seven (G7) on Saturday vowed not to recognize borders to be imposed by Russia in Ukraine.
The vow was given in a joint statement adopted by the group's foreign ministers at the conclusion of their meeting in Weissenhaus in north Germany, saying they "will never recognize borders Russia has attempted to change by military aggression".
The ministers added the war had reaffirmed their determination to "reject outright attempts to redraw borders by force in violation of sovereignty and territorial integrity".
They also vowed that they would keep supporting Ukraine by providing it will more weapons and imposing further sanctions on Russia in response to its ongoing war in this eastern European country.
They also emphasized that they would step up economic and political pressure on Russia, and adopt collective moves against its war in Ukraine, according to the joint statement. (end) anj.mt