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EU calls on countries to apply EU sanctions on Russia

BRUSSELS, Feb 28 (KUNA) -- The European Union Monday urged all countries that seek closer relations with the bloc to align with EU sanctions imposed on Russia for invading Ukraine.
"We expect all countries that want to have closer relations to the European Union to align on our sanctions, Eric Mamer," Chief Spokesperson of the European Commission, told a news conference in Brussels today.
"We invite all our friends, neighbors and partners to apply sanctions in a coordinated and comprehensive manner," he said.
Two European countries Serbia and Switzerland reportedly until now have not joined the EU's financial, aviation, media and political sanctions on Russia.
Ana Pisonero, Spokesperson of the European Commission for European Neighborhood Policy and EU Enlargement Negotiations, told the same press conference that the EU would be following the position of the EU candidate countries like Serbia when it comes to alignment to EU foreign policy.
According to media reports, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Friday that his country would not impose sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine crisis.
Media reports also noted that Switzerland, a major financial center, is another country which till now has not aligned itself with the EU sanctions on Russia.
"We are coordinating with all our friends and partners including with Switzerland. The effectiveness of sanctions will be all the greater the more coherent and the more comprehensive the list of countries that apply these sanctions," said Mamer.
"Therefore we look forward to Switzerland applying the sanctions or the same type of sanctions that we have decided with a broad range of partners," he added. (end) nk.gta