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Iraq announces "key threads" about those involved in airport blast

BAGHDAD, Jan 28 (KUNA) -- Iraq's security apparatuses reached on Friday some "key threads" that will help identify those who are involved in bombing Baghdad international airport, Iraq's security authorities said.
In a statement, the Iraqi Security Media Cell accused the attackers, described by it as "terrorist gangs", of targeting the airport with six Katyusha rockets that fell down on the waiting area of the airways planes and caused damage to two planes that were on the runway. The cell said that the apparatuses found a launch pad close to a house in Abu Gharib area near to the airport, adding that the pad includes three unfired missiles.
The cell considered that the assault aimed at targeting the country's properties, and undermining the government's efforts to restore Iraq's regional role as well as affecting the airways.
Earlier in the day, Iraq's airways company declared that the attack on the airport caused harm to a plane, which is out of service, affirming that it wouldn't affect its flights. (end) ahh.hm