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Oil exporting pipeline explodes in Kurdistan region Iraq

IRBIL, Jan 19 (KUNA) -- Minister of natural resources in Kurdistan region in Iraq Kamal Atroshi announced, Wednesday, that an oil exporting pipeline extending from Kurdistan to Turkey exploded last night.
He added in statement that initial reports indicate that the blast came as a result of an electric short circuit and was not a terrorist act.
He also mentioned that an extra pipeline will continue to export oil to Turkey, affirming that the blast, affecting a pipe with diameter 40 inches, will not affect export process.
He clarified that halting oil exports is a temporary measure and will resume soon, indicating that another pipe with a diameter of 46 inches will be used instead.
The explosion caused closure of road linking state of Qahraman to state of Ghazi Aintab.
Turkish petroleum pipeline company, Botas, declared closing oil and natural gas pipelines immediately after the incident.
The pipeline is 511 km long and it is used to export Kirkuk oil by Iraqi government, exporting around 10 million barrels monthly to international markets.(end) sbr.aai