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Kuwaiti legislators Ok recommendations, one probing rain damage

KUWAIT, Jan 19 (KUNA) -- The National Assembly, at Wednesday's follow-up session, approved a number of papers and recommendations namely referral of the issue of rain damage to the concerned commission.
Among the blessed letters was one forwarded by chairperson of the parliamentary economic and financial affairs MP Ahmad Al-Hamad with respect of "the strategic alternative" (concerning the pay scale), leaderships' jobs -- the latest would be referred to the parliamentary committee of human resources, in line with the parliament bylaw.
The MPs approved a recommendation asking the utilities commission to probe damage inflicted in the recent heavy rains. The committee term would be until end of the current parliamentary session.
Another blessed recommendation addressed the environment safety, amending the law of the Credit Bank of Kuwait, taking action against land monopolization, power bills and regulating ownership in the residential sector. (pickup previous) jy.rk