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Kuwaiti MPs call for alternative income sources during parliament session

Part of the National Assembly session
Part of the National Assembly session
KUWAIT, Jan 5 (KUNA) -- A number of MPs, Wednesday, called for solutions to find alternative income sources and to face the budget deficit in the country.
During the National Assembly's session, the MPs affirmed the need to allow the oil sector to rely on other oil-related substances to create a multi-income sources. Meanwhile, the MPs strongly refused economic reforms that involve imposing taxes on citizens. They also opposed turning residential areas into investment areas to lower real estate prices in Kuwait.
The previous legislative term did not have a prominent achievement whether by MPs or members of the government, especially on social and economic topics that concern the Kuwaiti people.
Moreover, they criticized the government's delay in giving money rewards to people who served in the frontline during the coronavirus crisis, although the cabinet had already approved it. The MPs also called on the government to reduce the price of the PCR tests. (end) ns.fn.ag