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Major events of 2021 in Jordan

KUWAIT, Dec 28 (KUNA) -- Here are the main events in the Arab world throughout 2021, we continue with Jordan.
JORDAN: Jan 20: Jordanian Foreign Minister says Italy has offered EURO 235 million (USD 287 million) to finance development projects in Jordan.
Jan 13: The Jordanian government wins a vote of confidence in the House of Representative, with the support of 88 of 130 MPs.
Jan 14 : UNRWA starts COVID-19 vaccination campaign to the registered refugees in Jordan.
Feb 28 : Jordanian Ministers of Justice and Interiors resign from office after violating restrictions related to COVID-19.
March 13 : King of Jordan issues a royal order to dismiss the Minister of Health, following the incident of the Salt Hospital, west of the capital, which witnessed the death of seven people after their oxygen was cut off.
April 4: the Jordanian Government announced its control over all movements aimed at undermining the country, following a number of investigations.
April 28: Kuwait's General Awqaf Secretariat in cooperation with Kuwait's embassy to Jordan implements humanitarian project for families in need and refugees in the poorest areas in Jordan.
April 29: The Jordanian Royal Diwan mourns late Prince Mohammad Bin Talal, the special representative of the Jordanian King Abduallah II, who passed away in Amman.
May 18: Jordanian King Abduallah II stressed importance of protecting Palestinians and halting all Israeli attacks and illegal procedures in Jerusalem, as well as ending the Israeli assault on Gaza Strip. May 25: Jordanian? Foreign Minister calls the Israeli Ambassador in Amman to hand him a strong protest letter over the arrest of two Jordanian citizens who crossed the Jordanian land into the occupied lands, following their participation in protests close to the borders in order to the Israeli assault on Gaza Strip.
June 2: The Public Prosecution of the Jordan of National Security Court refers two suspects of "undermining the security and stability of Jordan" case to the General Prosecutor for legal action.
June 6: Jordanian Parliament votes in favour of revoking MP Osama Al-Ajarmah membership, following his remarks considered a violation to the social system in the country.
June 8: The Israeli occupation forces freed Jordanian prisoner Abduallah Abou Jaber, after spending more than 20 years in the Israeli jails.
June 10: King Abduallah II formed a committee to develop the political system in the country, led by former Prime Minister Samir Al-Refae.
July 6: The Jordanian Government and German Development Bank (KfW) signed four development aid agreements with a total value of Euros 89 million, including Euros 15 million in grants and Euros 74 million in soft loans.
July 8: Israel said it would increase its supply of water to Jordan by up to 50 million cubic meters this year, under a supply deal agreed upon in accordance with their 1994 peace treaty.
July 12: A Jordanian court sentenced a former royal chief adviser, Bassem Awadallah, and a minor royal to 15 years in jail for their involvement in an alleged plot to bring a deposed crown prince to power instead of the king.
July 13: Jordan government and the World Bank signed three deals to finance vital projects totaling more than US 800,000 million, as part of combating COVID-19 pandemic.
July 20: The European Commission approved a finance-support program to Jordan, a sum of 250 million Euros to combat the challenges regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.
August 10: Arab Table Tennis Championship kicks off in Joran with 16 countries, among them Kuwait.
August 29: Jordanian government launches economic recovery program, totaling USD 677 million, to confront challenges facing the economy and maintain cash liquidity.
Sept 1: Jordan begins third and final stage of reopening the country after lockdown, which started in March 2020, part of plans to combat Covid-19.
Sept 6: Jordan's Foreign Ministry condemns Israeli Real Estate special project in Jerusalem.
Sept 8: Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon announced agreement to deliver Egyptian natural gas to Lebanon via Jordan and Syria, as well as to present a plan and timetable for implementing this step.
Sept 22: Jordanian Prime Minister Bisher Al-Khasawneh innagurates "Jarash" 35 cultural festival, after one year ban, due to Covid-19.
Sept 28: Jordan will resume direct flights to Syria, ending a decade-old suspension of flights triggered by the conflict in Syria.
Oct 6: German Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Niels Annen announced in Amman that his country will donate EURO 71 million to Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon.
Oct 11: A Jordanian Royal Decree was issued approving a reshuffle of Prime Minister Bisher Khasawneh's Cabinet, which was formed in 2020, to include nine ministerial posts, including a new investment ministry.
Oct 26: Kuwait Finance House (KFH) signed two donation agreements worth USD 1.3 million in total with Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) and King Hussein Cancer Center (KHCC) to treat Syrian and Palestinian refugee cancer patients in Jordan.
Oct 28: Jordan and Lebanon Ministers of Electricity agree on a final draft to provide power to Lebanon through Jordan's power grid network and through Syria.
Nov 3: Jordan announces deal to ease restriction on 754 items (local commodities), totaling USD 370 million into Palestinian market.
Nov 14: Jordanian Royal Court announced the issuance of a decree approving a special pardon for those convicted of the crimes of prolonging the royal standing, according to which the entire sentence for 155 convicts was dropped.
Nov 19: About 52,000 Syrian refugees have returned home since the opening of the Jaber border crossing with Syria in mid-October 2018.
Nov 29: Japan and Jordan signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), under which the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) will offer a USD 100 million loan to support the general budget, combat economic and development challenges, as well as enhance social protection.
Nov 30: The European Union (EU) announced its intention to mobilize investment worth 2.5 billion euros (USD 2.8 billion) to carry out some strategic projects in Jordan.
Dec 1: Participants in the first Euro-Arab Border Security Conference, hosted by Jordan, called at its opening session for boosting coordination to face common security challenges namely illegitimate immigration and border crossing.
Dec 7: Jordan said it would receive USD 56 million in the form of loans from Germany as part of efforts to keep Amman's education sector afloat, which include the construction of new schools across the kingdom.
Dec 13: The Jordanian and US governments inked an agreement to transfer the first batch of USD 600 million in direct cash support to the Jordanian treasury, earmarked for financing priority development projects and supporting economic recovery.
Dec 16: The fourth Arab ministerial forum for Housing and Modern Development recommends joining the concept of smart cities with modern policies, and to work on improving national programs and quality of life.
Dec 19: Jordan's Aqaba Development Corporation and Abu Dhabi Ports signed five strategic partnerships with including developing King Hussein International Airport; the deals include a number of strategic agreements and a memorandum of understanding in the fields of tourism, transport, logistics and digital infrastructure in the city of Aqaba. (end) ed