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Major events of 2021 to Oman

Theyazin bin Haitham Al Said, Omani crown prince for the first time
Theyazin bin Haitham Al Said, Omani crown prince for the first time

KUWAIT, Dec 27 (KUNA) -- Here are the main events of the GCC countries through the year 2021, we continue with Sultanate of Oman:

Jan. 10: Central Bank of Oman announces the issuance of new bank note denominations of 20 Riyals, 10 Riyals, Five Riyals, ½ Riyal and 100 Baisa for circulation in the market.
Jan. 12: Oman's sultan Haitham Bin Tareq announces a constitutional shakeup that includes the appointment of a crown prince for the first time and new rules on how parliament will work.
Jan. 12: Oman's Sultan Haitham Bin Tareq appoints son Theyazan as Oman's first Crown Prince.
Jan. 18 : Oman announces that it would be closing its land border for at least a week.

Jan 24: Oman extends land border closure for one more week.
March 4: Oman announces that commercial activities will be suspended between 8:00 p.m.-5:00 a.m. until March 20.
March 9: Sultan Haitham Bin Tareq approved incentives aimed at economic diversification and will facilitate achievement of Oman Vision 2040.
April 12: Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) welcomed Oman and Nigeria as founding members, alongside the first five founding members.
April 16: VAT law came into force in Oman.
April 21: Oman suspended inbound flights from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh indefinitely due to the spread of the coronavirus in those countries.
May 2: Oman announced continuation of full lockdown of businesses and partial curfew for citizens.
June 9: The Ministry of Finance announced that it had successfully completed the issuance of sharia-compliant Islamic instruments known as sukuk worth USD 1.75 billion with a maturity period of up to nine years.
June 20: Omani authorities have announced the introduction of a night curfew as part of the response to the spread of COVID-19.
July 7: Sultan Haitham bin Tareq signed two decrees regarding the VTA and selected tax agreement with GCC countries.
Aug 23: Oman's Civil Aviation Authority announces the termination of the list of countries from which arrivals are prohibited from entering The Sultanate's territory from early September.
Oct 2: The government gave public and private sectors' employees a two-day leave due to tropical storm Shahin. (end) ed