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Kuwait main news events throughout 2021

 KUWAIT, Dec 26 (KUNA)


Jan 1: Kuwait Petroleum Corporation's (KPC) International Marketing exports first low sulfur diesel shipment to Pakistan on Al-Salam-2 tanker owned by the Kuwait Oil Tanker Company.

Jan 4: Oil Ministry announces discovery of two new oil fields for the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) in different regions of the country, in addition to the discovery of an extension to the northern part of the Great Burgan field.

Jan 14: State-owned global energy provider, Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI), and Oman's national petroleum investment company, OQ, announce their joint venture, Duqm Refinery and Petrochemical Industries Company, will bear the new trademark, OQ8.

April 10: Kuwait National Petroleum Company?(KNPC) began operation of hydrocracking of Clean Fuel Project at Refinery at Abdullah Port.

April 25: Minister of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy and Minister of Social Affairs Mashaan Al-Otaibi signed a decree to support local agricultural products.

May 6: Kuwait oil price went up USD 1.91 to reach USD 69.11 per barrel (pb).

May 19: Kuwait oil price went up USD 1.22 to reach USD 69.76 pb.

May 30: Kuwait Oil Tankers Company (KOTC) received giant crude oil tanker "Al-Siddeeq" from China's shipbuilding company Bohai.

June 6: Kuwait electricity consumption hit the highest level of 15,070 megawatts, amid soaring summer heat crossing the threshold of 50 degrees Celsius.

June 10: Kuwait Petrochemical Industries Company (PIC) announced its Polypropylene Plant obtained three ISO certificates for environment management, quality control and occupational health.

June 29: Kuwait crude oil gained 36 cents to reach USD 74.94 pb.

July 12: Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company (KIPIC) announced arrival of first LNG shipment of 213,000 cubic meters at Al-Zour Port.

July 14: Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) signed three contracts to treat soil polluted by oil spills caused by invading Iraqi forces.

July 28: KOC signed two new contracts to treat polluted soil.

Sept 9: Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI) won the 2021 Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) for the Chemical Sector Award, in addition to Occupational Health and Safety Gold Award for the 10th consecutive year.

Sept 10: KPI opened a gas station near Milan, northern Italy.

Sept 21: KNPC announced success of operation of clear fuel project.

Oct 5: Minister of Electricity and Water Mashaan Al-Otaibi launched the smart meters and said the ministry plan to install 800,000 of them.

Oct 18: KNPC said it controlled a fire in Sulphur cracking unit which injured a number of workers.

Oct 23: KPI supplied Gatwick Airport with sustainable airplane fuel.

Oct 26: Kuwait crude oil rose USD 1.65 to reach USD 85.55 per barrel.

Nov 1: KOC won two awards from Global Business Outlook Magazine for exploration and production of oil and gas, and crises management.

Dec 13: The Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) obtained the ISO 31000-2018 certificate in risk management (KPC)

Dec 15: Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) opened fuel station in Sabah Al-Ahmad city south of the country.

 Economy & Finance:

Jan 4: Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) issues KD 240 million (USD 792 million) worth of bonds and Tawarruq. The issue's maturity period is six months and a return rate of 1.250 percent.

Jan 11: CBK issues KD 240 million (USD 792 million) worth of bonds and Tawarruq. The issue's maturity period is three months and a return rate of 1.250 percent.

Jan 18: CBK issues KD 240 million (USD 792 million) worth of bonds and Tawarruq, the issue's maturity period is three months and a return rate of 1.250 percent.

Jan 25: CBK issues KD 200 million (USD 660 million) worth of bonds and Tawarruq, with a maturity period of three months and a return rate of 1.125 percent.

Jan 25: Finance ministry announces KD-12.1-billion (USD 39 billion) deficit for the fiscal year 2021-22, a 13.8 percent decline.

Feb 1: CBK issues KD 240 million (roughly USD 792 million) worth of bonds and Tawarruq, with a three-month issue period and a return rate of 1.125 percent.

Feb 8: CBK issues new commemorative coins on the occasions of Kuwait National celebrations.

Feb 14: Kuwait Credit Bank announces total of loans and grants disbursed between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020 amounted to KD 183.8 million (about USD 606.5 million).

April 6: Kuwaiti-Chinese digital economy talks kicked off, discussing the Belt and Road project, with broad participation of the two countries.

April 12: The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) issued Tawarruq bonds worth KD 240 million (USD 792 million). The issue's maturity period is three months, with a return rate of 1.125 percent.

April 19: CBK issued Tawarruq bonds worth KD 240 million (USD 792 million). The issue's maturity period is six months, with a return rate of 1.125 percent.

April 26: CBK issued Tawarruq bonds worth KD 200 million (USD 660 million). The issue's maturity period is three months, with a return rate of 1.125 percent.

May 3: CBK issued Tawarruq bonds worth KD 240 million (USD 792 million). The issue's maturity period is three months, with a return rate of 1.125 percent.

May 10: CBK issued Tawarruq bonds worth KD 160 million (USD 528 million). The issue's maturity period is three months, with a return rate of 1.250 percent.

May 17: CBK issued Tawarruq bonds worth KD 240 million (USD 792 million). The issue's maturity period is six months, with a return rate of 1.125 percent.

May 31: CBK issued Tawarruq bonds worth KD 360 million (USD 1.1 million). The issue's maturity period is six months, with a return rate of 1.125 percent.

June 7: CBK issued Tawarruq and bonds worth KD 280 million (about USD 924 million), for six months, with a return rate of 1.250 percent.

June 14: CBK issued Tawarruq and bonds worth KD 290 million (about USD 957 million), for three months, with a return rate of 1.250 percent.

June 21: CBK issued Tawarruq and bonds worth KD 200 million (about USD 660 million), for three months, with a return rate of 1.250 percent.

June 22: finance ministry announced the 2021-22 state budget of USD 76 billion for the fiscal year that started on April 1.

July 1: Minister of Finance Khalifa Hamada said Future Generations Fund achieved 33 percent growth.

July 5: CBK issued Tawarruq bonds worth KD 240 million (USD 792 million) with maturity period of six months at a return rate of 1.25 percent.

July 12: Chamber of Commerce and Industry and UN office in Kuwait signed a MoU to support private sector's social role and boost sustainable development.

July 22: The Public Authority for Industry sent 20 tons of liquid oxygen, part of humanitarian supplies to Tunisia to help the country confront coronavirus.

Aug 29: CBK said State of Kuwait's budget registered KD 6.8 billion (USD 22.4 billion) surplus in 2020, compared with KD 10 billion (USD 33 billion) surplus in 2019.

Sept 6: CBK Governor Dr. Mohammad Al-Hashel named, by Global Finance, amongst best governors of central banks.

Sept 13: Ministry of finance signed a partnership agreement with World Bank regarding Kuwait's vision 2035 and development plan 2021-25.

Oct 11: CBK issued Tawarruq bonds worth KD 240 million (USD 792 million) with maturity period of three months at a return rate of 1.25 percent.

Oct 18: CBK issued Tawarruq bonds worth KD 240 million (USD 792 million) with maturity period of six months at a return rate of 1.25 percent.

Oct 25: CBK issued Tawarruq bonds worth KD 200 million (USD 660 million) with maturity period of three months at a return rate of 1.125 percent.

Nov 1: CBK issued Tawarruq bonds worth KD 240 million (USD 794 million) with maturity period of three months at a return rate of 1.125 percent.

Nov 8: CBK issued Tawarruq bonds worth KD 160 million (USD 530 million) with maturity period of six months at return rate of 1.25 percent.

Nov 15: CBK issued Tawarruq bonds worth KD 240 million (USD 792 million) with maturity period of six months at a return rate of 1.25 percent.

Nov 29: CBK issued Tawarruq bonds worth KD 360 million (USD 1.19 billion) with maturity period of six months at a return rate of 1.25 percent.

Dec 6: Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK) issued bonds and Tawarruq worth USD 280 million (Around USD 925 million).

Dec 13: CBK issued bonds and Tawarruq worth KD 290 million (around USD 957 million)

Dec 20: CBK issued bonds and Tawarruq worth KD 200 million (around USD 660 million). 

 Defense, Interior & National Security:

March 17: Ministry of interior wins the 2020 award for best awareness film on combating terrorism and extremism at the end of the 44th virtual conference of Arab police and security chiefs.

April 12: Interior Ministry mourned policeman Saad Salem Nafaa was martyred in a tragic accident while on duty.

April 14: Interior Ministry started receiving candidates for parliamentary by-elections for the fifth constituency.

April 26: Kuwait National Guard (KNG) received at Ali Al-Salem Airbase French-made Caracal helicopters, commissioned as the core of the guard's fleet.

April 29: Kuwait Fire Force (KFF) controlled a fire at tires' dumping ground in Al-Salmi area.

April 30: Interior Ministry mourned martyr Abdullah Al-Daihani who was killed in a tragic accident.

May 15: Firefighters control a huge fire that broke out at a scrapyard at Abdullah Port.

May 16: KFF announced the death of two workers in a fire at a three-story commercial complex in Jahra district.

June 8: Firefighters managed to put out a blaze at a 60,000-square-metre location in Jahra's Amghara area.

June 14: Ministry of Interior evacuated 140 citizens and residents that were stuck on Failaka Island due to bad weather conditions.

June 19: seven firefighters controlled a massive fire at a warehouse in Shuwaikh Industrial area, which resulted the death of one person and injury of two others.

July 8: Custom Department foiled an attempt to smuggle 25,000 bags of Paan.

July 12: Custom Department seized 2.22 million Paan bags in three containers.

July 15: Ministry of Interior arrested a person possessing 1.2 pills of illegal drugs with a value of KD two million (USD 6.6 million).

July 20: A military transport plan arrived in Tunisia carrying 20 tons of oxygen.

July 25: Custom Department foiled attempt to smuggle 1.4 million bags of Paan.

Aug 7: KFF, acting upon His Highness the Amir's instructions, sent 90 firefighters to Turkey and Greece to help in fighting massive forest fires.

Aug 11: Custom Department seized 150 KGs of Hashish in a container.

Aug 14: Three Asians were killed and five injured in a fire in a workers' residence in Abdaly area.

Aug 17: Kuwait donated six fire engines to Algeria.

Aug 19: Kuwait donated six fire engines to Turkey.

Aug 20: KFF announced death of five persons and injury of 15 others in a road accident.

Aug 23: Kuwait donated six fire engines to Tunisia. Sept 8: Two workers were killed when a building at Kuwait Airport under construction collapsed.

Sept 23: Custom Department seized 1.221 tons of Paan.

Oct 12: Deputy Premier and Defense Minister Sheikh Hamad Jaber Al- Ali Al-Sabah announced that Kuwaiti females would be allowed to register in military service. Nov 2: Kuwait, Saudi and American forces conduct drills.

Nov 10: Custom Department seized 30 tons of Paan hidden in containers coming from a Gulf country.

Nov 21: Kuwait held military funeral for 19 martyrs who were found in mass graves in Iraq.

Nov 23: MoI seized 17 KGs of narcotics smuggled inside sheep coming from a neighboring country. Nov 28: Three persons killed and a child injured in a fire in a house in Sulaibiya Area.

Dec 7: Kuwait received first batch of Eurofighter typhoon aircraft from Italy.
Dec 8: Interior Ministry arrested individuals with 120,000 psychedelic pills.
Dec 9: Firefighters control blaze erupting in Amghara area.
Dec 14: Kuwait army received two Eurofighter Typhoon aircrafts.

Social affairs & Public utilities:

Jan 31: Ministry of Justice declares issuance of executive regulations of the Law 12/2020, allowing citizens to have access to their official documents at state institutions.

Feb 17: Directorate General of Civil Aviation inaugurates new headquarters to provide an appropriate and advanced environment to employees.

April 3: Kuwait Ports Authority earned KD 56.4 million (USD 186 million) profits for the fiscal year 2020-21.

April 21: Ministry of Communications (MoC) issued a stamp titled "Kuwait Fight Coronavirus Pandemic," in collaboration with the ministry's Postal Sector and Kuwait Philatelic Society.

May 30: The Public Authority for agricultural affairs & fish resources reopen public parks from 8:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m.

June 8: Civil Aviation authority signed a KD 9.2 million (USD 30 million) contract with Spain's Indra company to provide communication equipment for the new tower at Kuwait International Airport.

June 23: Kuwait Ports Authority (KPA) announced three tenders for "New Kuwait 2035" development plan, with a total value of about KD five million (about 16.6 million USD).

July 5: Kuwait Airways announced resumption of flights to Geneva, Munich and Frankfurt as of July 9.

Aug 1: Kuwait Airport started receiving non-vaccinated non-Kuwaitis. Oct 2: Kuwait Airways signed a mutual contract for ground handling operations at Kuwait and Amman Airports.
Dec 13: Kuwait Airways signed agreement with security company to update its safety measures in accordance with international standards. 


Feb 4: Kuwait registers a 3.0-magnitude quake in Al-Manaqeesh area southwest of the country, according to Kuwait National Seismic Network.

April 14: The Environment Public Authority (EPA) detected the spread of red tide over large swathes off Kuwaiti coasts.

April 18: National Seismic Network at Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) recorded Two earthquakes at magnitudes of 2.8 and 2.7 degrees on the Richter scale in Kuwait.

April 23: EPA detected an increase in dead fish at Sulaibikhat beach.

May 12: National Seismic Network at KISR recorded a three-magnitude earthquake western the country.

Aug 2: a 4.5-degree earthquake struck southwest of Kuwait. Oct 19: EPA distributed a million environmental-friendly bags to cooperative societies nationwide.

Nov 17: EPA and UAE's environmental authority signed a MoU over exchange of environmental projects.
Dec 21: Environment Public Authority (EPA) opened Jahra nature reserve for the public, and initiated booking for visitors online.


Jan 1: Ministry of Health announces the first coronavirus death this year.

Jan 19: Two Kuwaiti females who came from Britain were infected with a coronavirus variant.

Jan 21: The Ministry of Health announces rescheduling of coronavirus vaccination appointments, as shipments from the manufacturing company (Pfizer/Biontech) would be delayed for Kuwait and the whole world.

Feb 2: China's National Center of Gerontology won His Highness Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Prize for Research in Health Care for the Elderly and in Health Promotion.

Feb 11: Ministry of Health opens five additional COVID-19 vaccination centers, bringing the total number to 15, in addition to two halls at Kuwait International Fairs Ground in Mishref Area.

Feb 24: Ministry of Health allows hospitals, health centers and private clinics to purchase COVID-19 vaccines from the local distributer or companies producing it after being licensed and approved by the ministry.

April 1: Kuwaiti MoH announced that 252 patients are receiving treatment in intensive care unit.

April 4: MoH recorded 14 death cases of Covid-19.

April 10: Kuwait expanded COVID-19 vaccination to seven more sites.

April 11: Kuwait launched a mass vaccination campaign to vaccinate employees in supermarkets, stores, and mosques.

April 19: Kuwait MoH reported that 254 patients are receiving treatment in the ICU.

April 21: MoH reported 14 deaths due to Covid-19.

April 21: Kuwait MoH obtained permanent membership in the pharmacological health organization's program to monitor drug safety.

May 14: WHO set up a special page on its website in recognition of Kuwait's partnership with the organization in facing crises and health issues around the world.

May 30: Kuwait inaugurated a drive-through vaccination center at Jaber Al-Ahmad Causeway.

June 7: Kuwait signed deals with Moderna, Johnson & Johnson for vaccine supply.

June 14: Kuwait Health Ministry affirmed positive cases of the Delta variant.

June 21: Kuwait Health Ministry received the first consignment of anti-COVID 19 vaccines from Pfizer via the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (Gavi). June 22: Kuwait MoH reported 1,962 covid-19 cases in the past 24 hours, the highest.

June 28 -- Kuwait Institute for Medical Specialization (KIMS) signed scholarship agreement with Nice University in France to allow Kuwaiti doctors study medicine and receive Fellowship in different specializations.

June 30: Health ministry reported 296 patients were in the ICU.

July 4: MoH announced more than 2.3 million Covid-19 jabs were given since launch of the national vaccination campaign.

July 6: MoH registered 1,993 new Covid-19 cases and 20 deaths.

July 15: MoH said 341 people were in ICUs.

Aug 23: Kuwait received six Lebanese citizens who were injured in a fuel tanker's explosion to be treated in the Gulf state.

Sept 6: MoH designated six clinics for PCR tests.

Sept 25: MoH announced a Covid-19 booster shot.

Oct 9: MoH opened registration for third dose of Covid-19 vaccine. Oct 26: CDC lowered Kuwait's coronavirus classification to low one.

Nov 4: MoH announced discharge of the last patient from Kuwait Field Hospital.

Nov 23: MoH announced that ICUs were empty from Covid-19 patients.

Nov 23: MoH announced that American association of blood banks renews recognition of blood, immunity, blood transfusion and genetic testing laboratories.
Dec 5: MoH launched (seh8q) phone application to serve health need of Kuwait and expatriates.
Dec 8: MoH announced first case of Omicron variant in Kuwait. 

 Education, Higher education, scientific research:

Feb 10: Ministry of Education decides to continue online education in all grades for the school year's second semester (2020-21).

March 22: Kuwait announces schools will reopen in September, while cabinet agrees on holding paper final exams for Grade 12.

April 25: The College of Nursing at the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) has obtained the academic accreditation for the bachelor of nursing program from the American Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN).

May 26: Ministry of Education (MOE) postponed paper exams for grade 12 in public and private schools until June 9 instead of May 30.

June 9: Grade 12 students began paper exams amidst health precautionary measures.

June 30: Kuwait's first Satellite "Qamar Al-Kuwait" launched into space from Cape Canaveral space rocket in the US state of Florida.

July 25: Kuwait institute for Scientific Research (KISR) registered a patent from the US about a technology to simultaneously desalinate water and air-cooling.

July 29: Representative of His Highness the Amir, Minister of Education Dr. Ali Al-Mudhaf announced USD 30 million pledge to support global educational initiative over five years.

Aug 5: KISR registered a patent in the US over a waste treatment system. Sept 18: KISR registered 3.1-degree earthquake northeast of Kuwait. Oct 3: Public schools started receiving students after closure of 18 months due to coronavirus.

Oct 24: Kuwait University received 36,000 students.
Dec 17: UN honors Kuwaiti poet Abdulaziz Saud Al-Babtain on the international day for the Arabic language celebrated on December 18th.


April 4: Head of the cinema sector at the Kuwait Artists and Media Syndicate announced that actor Saad Al-Faraj will be the main character of the Kuwait New Film Festival.

April 6: The National Council for Culture, Arts and Literature (NCCAL) postponed "Kuwait is the Arab culture capital" celebration from 2022 to 2026, based on the decision of the ministers in the Arab world.

June 13: Cultural centers and museums re-opened with health precautions.

June 29: Kuwait's Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Cultural Center nominated for the 2021 LCD Berlin Awards in the category of the "New Cultural Destination of the Year" in the Middle East and Africa.

July 13: Italian Ambassador to Kuwait honored Kamel Al-Abduljalil, Secretary General of NCCAL, with a cultural order in recognition of his efforts to boosting cultural and traditional relations between the two countries.

Oct 1: Minister of Information Abdulrahman Al-Mutairi, representing His Highness the Prime Minister, headed to Dubai to attend inauguration of Kuwait Pavilion at 2020 Expo Dubai.

Oct 13: The NCCAL signed a cultural cooperation agreement with the Indian Embassy as part of celebrations of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Nov 3: That Al-Salasil won the best Arab publishing house award at Sharjah International Book Fair.

Nov 4: Jordan selected Kuwaiti actor Mohammad Al-Mansour, among Arab actors and men of letters, for an honorary award.

Nov 17: Kuwait elected member in UNESCO's Executive Council for 2021-25.
Dec 12: Information Ministry launched its new website. 


Jan 12: Kuwait SC defeats Qadsia SC 2-1 in overtime, clinching 28th Crown Prince Football Cup. Jan 26: Kuwait's first Women Weightlifting Open concludes at Al-Tadhamon SC. The three-day event witnessed participation of 34 weightlifters.

Jan 30: Asian virtual Shooting Championship, organized by the Kuwait Shooting Federation, concludes. It saw the participation of over 400 shooters from 22 countries.

March 12: Kuwait announced hosting remaining of second round of Asia's qualification for 2022 World Cup and 2023 Asian Cup, in Qatar and China respectively.

April 2: Kuwait SC won the 2020-21 Kuwait Basketball Association's (KBA) League.

April 6: Qadsia SC win the 55th Kuwaiti Volleyball League.

April 9: Kuwait SC won Kuwait Handball Association's (KHA) Cup after beating Salmiya SC 26-19.

April 12: Al-Fatat Club won the first women's basketball championship by defeating Al-Qurain Club 57-56.

April 25: Kuwait Olympic Committee signs a memorandum of understanding with the mayor of the Japanese city of Nihomatsu to host players in Tokyo 2020 olympics. May 14: Al-Arabi SC win the Kuwaiti Premier Football League for 2020-21 by defeating Al-Sahel 3-0 for the 17th time in its history.

May 14: Kuwaiti shooter Talal Al-Rashidi won the gold medal at the ISSF World Cup Shotgun in Lonato, Italy.

June 5: General assembly of the international swimming federation elected Hussain Al-Musallam to be the president until 2025.

June 10: Kuwait Olympic Committee resumed all sport activities for all ages after a halt for more than 15 months due to the coronavirus pandemic.

June 10: Kuwait's shooters Nasser Al-Meqled, Abdulrahman Al-Faihan and Talal Al-Rashidi won the gold, silver and bronze medals respectively in Men's Trap shooting contest at the Arab shooting championship hosted by Egypt.

June 17: Yaqoub Al-Yoha win gold medal in Arab Athletics Championship's men 110m hurdles. The event was held in Tunisia.

June 20: Issa Al-Zankawi snatched the gold medal in the "Discus Throw" contest reaching 60.25 meters, as part of the 22nd Arab Athletics Championship.

June 25: Kuwait national football team captain Bader Al-Mutawa passed Egyptian legend Ahmad Hassan to become the most-capped player in international men's football after playing his 185th match.

June 26: Kuwait SC win the 40th GCC Basketball Champions League after beating Saudi Arabia's Al-Nasser 96-85.

July 29: Abdullah Al-Reshidi won the bronze medal in the Skeet Championship in 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

Aug 21: Muneera Al-Hashash became the first Kuwaiti woman to get an international basketball officiating license.

Oct 6: Rashed Al-Dawwas won the seated jet ski championship, which was held in the State of Arizona, US. Oct 11: Kuwait aqua bike team won three gold medals at the Arizona aqua bikes championship.

Oct 25: Lara Dashti won the gold medal at the 25m race for the Arab short distance women championship, held in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Oct 30: Sayyar Al-Enezi elected chairman of the West Asia Athletics federation for a four-year term. Nov 5: Eman Al-Shamma won the Skeet competition at His Highness the Crown Prince Shooting Championship.

Nov 22: Kuwait Football Association (KFA) canceled extra halves in major local tournaments for the 2021-22 seasons and ended draws in crucial matches via penalty shootout.
Dec 21: Kuwait SC won 59th Amiri cup for 15th time, beating rivals Qadsia by 1-0 goals. 


Jan 10: Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) donates two fully equipped ambulances to the Palestinian Red Crescent.

Jan 28: KRCS sends a plane to Lebanon loaded with blankets, medicines, medical equipment and sanitary supplies.

April 4: Kuwait Red Crescent Society (KRCS) loaded three trucks with 60 tons of food supplies for Yemen on the advent of holy month of Ramadhan.

April 9: KRCS sent three trucks carrying food aid to Syrian refugees in Jordan on the advent of holy month of Ramadhan.

April 11: Kuwait Society for Relief and Yemen's education ministry signed an agreement to reconstruct and provide furniture to four schools in southern Yemen as part of the (Kuwait By Your Side) campaign.

April 17: KRCS launched Ramadhan program, "Iftar Al-Sa'em," distributed meals to some 15,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan.

April 19: KRCS distributed 1,287 food baskets to internally displaced Yemeni families.

April 21: KRCS implemented a number of humanitarian, medical, health and educational projects in Yemen.

April 23: KRCS delivered Iftar meals and Eid clothing for people in need in Comoros.

April 25: KRCS distributed 5,000 food baskets during Ramadhan to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon.

May 3: KRCS sent relief and medical supplies to India to help hospital cope with soaring COVID-19 cases.

May 8: KRCS donated a fully equipped ambulance with sanitizers, preventive and precautionary materials to Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS).

May 23: KRCS announced that the first relief plane has taken off from Abdullah Al-Mubarak Air Base, carrying medical aid to Cairo Airport in Egypt, to be delivered to the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip.

May 23: KRCS distributed 200 tons of agricultural products to needy Lebanese families and Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

May 24: KRCS allocated USD half a million to secure anti-coronavirus vaccines for Lebanese people, Syrian and Palestinian refugees.

May 26: Kuwait Society for Relief (KSR) signed a USD 1.5 million deal with Yemen's agency for developing small facilities for an agricultural project.

June 15: KRCS sent medical supplies to Sri Lanka to overcome COVID-19. June 18: KRCS launched a COVID-19 vaccination campaign for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

June 24: Kuwait's Ambassador to India Jassem Al-Najem announced the arrival of largest oxygen shipment to India as part to confront the delta variant.

June 29: KRCS and Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS) inked a cooperation deal to carry out a project on improving living conditions and providing healthcare to the Myanmar refugee camps in Bangladesh.

Aug 4: KRCS sent eight tons of children milk to Lebanon.

Aug 6: KRCS handed over 10 ambulances and four blood transport vehicles to the Lebanese red cross.

Aug 10: Kuwait society of relief opened a school in southern governorate of Abyan.

Aug 14: KRCS sent eight tons of medicine and medical equipment to Lebanon.

Nov 8: KRCS distributed 4,870 school bags in seven governorates in Yemen.

Nov 24: KRCS distributed 521 food baskets and operate two mobile clinics at Shabwa and maareb, Yemen.

Dec 8: Kuwait charity opened two high schools in southern Yemen.
Dec 19: Kuwait's national human rights diwan and the UN office in Kuwait signed cooperation and coordination agreements.

Kuwait Economic Fund:

May 5 -- Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development signed a memorandum of understanding with the United Nations Development Program to enhance technical cooperation and joint work between the two parties in the areas of financing economic and social developments.

July 6: KFAED signed a grant agreement of KD 361,000 (USD 1.2 million) to support Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

Oct 3: KFAED signed a USD 1.9 million donation agreement with UNHCR to develop health services for Syrian refugees in Jordan.

Oct 14: The Fund signed two donation agreements with UNRWA with a value of USD 21.5 million to improve health services for Palestinians in Lebanon.

Oct 27: KFAED signed a KD four million (USD 13.2 million) donation deal with UN-Habitat to finance a project regarding protection from sandstorms between Iraq and Kuwait.

Nov 11: KFAED signed offered KD 24.2 million (USD 80 million) in donations and loans to Jordan to finance Sabah Al-Ahmad LNG port and support Syrian refugees.


May 3: The United Nations Regional Office for the Gulf States awarded the CEO of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) Hashem Hashem an appreciation award for his efforts as one of the most prominent leaders of oil and gas in the Arab world.

May 10: Kuwaiti photographer Mohammad Murad won an honorary award for one of his photos in the 31st edition of the International Competition for Photography and Video in the World of Mountains, Nature and Adventure (Maria Luisa Memorial).

Aug 12: Kuwaiti engineer Ali Behbehani won the Arab Youth Award.

Sept 1: Adnan Abul became the first Kuwaiti lawyer to be member in the association of international lawyers federation.

Sept 27: Kuwaiti businessman Bader Al-Essa won Sharjah government communications award.

Sept 28: Dasman diabetes research center won the UN award for protection from non-communicable diseases.

Oct 13: Majed Al-Zaabi won an award for animal portrait category in an annual competition organized by the British Musuem of natural history.

Nov 2: Sharjah International Book Fair named Kuwaiti novelist Taleb Al-Refai the cultural person of the year.

Nov 22: Mohammad Murad won the animal faces category of the Nature in Focus competition, held in India.
Dec 22: FAO honored Kuwaiti Nouf Al-Ayyadhi as its best youth employee for 2021.


Jan 10: Writer, researcher and historian Khaled Al-Ansari passed away at the age of 81. He was one of the pioneers of Kuwait's literature and history.

Jan 24: Former Arabi SC and Kuwait National football team Mohammad Al-Khatib passes away at 77.

Feb 11: Former chairman of Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry and founding member of Kuwait Red Crescent Society Saad Al-Nahedh passes away at 96.

Feb 20: Former MP Bassel Al-Rashed passes away at 54.

Feb 25: Actor Meshari Al-Ballam passes away at 48.

Feb 26: Renowned car racer Salah Al-Eidan passes away at 51.

March 12: Interior ministry assistant undersecretary for services' affairs Khaled Al-Deyain passes away due to COVID-19.

April 13: Kuwaiti national team player and former Kazma Club, Jamal Yaqoub, passed away at the age of 62.

April 26: writer and poet Abdulrazaq Al-Adsani passed away at the age of 85.

May 21: Salmiya Fire Station Officer Major Abdulaziz Saud Al-Dawas died after evacuating a burning house.

June 10: Sheikh Mansour Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah passed away at the age of 79.

June 12: Kuwaiti cartoonist Abdulsalam Maqboul passed away at the age of 68.

July 1: Muneera Khaled Al-Mutawwa, a leading philanthropist, passed away.

July 5: Poet Ali Hussain Al-Sabti passed away.

July 22: Jawad Ashor, Former Football player in Al-Arabi SC and National Team, and referee, passed away.

July 31: Actress Intisar Al-Sharrah passed away at age of 59.

Aug 2: Former Information Ministry Undersecretary Mubarak Al-Adwani passed away.

Aug 4: Kuwaiti female teacher Latifa Al-Barrak passed away. Aug 23: Sheikha Badriya Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah passed away.

Aug 25: Sheikh Ali Fahad Al-Salem Al-Sabah passed away at age of 73.

Sept 5: Professor and diplomat Dr. Shafiq Al-Ghabra passed away at age of 68.

Sept 18: Former Oil Minister Abdulmuttaleb Al-Kadhemi passed away at age of 85.

Sept 22: Composer Mohammad Al-Ruwaished passed away at 65.

Oct 8: Faisal Al-Hajji Bu Khadhoor, an advisor at the Prime Minister's Diwan, former Ambassador and minister, passed away at age of 74.

Oct 14: Historian and writer saif Marzouq Al-Shamlan, who contributed to documenting Kuwait's history, passed away at 94.

Oct 14: Cinema director Khaled Al-Siddeeq passed away at 74.

Nov 10: Mohammad Al-Asousi, former NCCAL Assistant Secretary General, passed away.

Nov 17: Marzouq Saeed, former Al-Arabi SC and National Football Team player, passed away.

Nov 29: Abdulaziz Al-Doseri, founder of Kuwait Credit Bank, passed away.

Dec 11: Contemporary Kuwaiti poet Sheikh Duaij Khalifa Al-Sabah passed away at age 50.
Dec 20: Former Kuwaiti national team member and footballer for Jahra SC Saad Waleed passed away. (end) ed