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Embassy: Kuwaitis in Germany must follow new coronavirus countermeasures

BERLIN, Dec 6 (KUNA) -- Kuwait's Embassy in Germany urged, Monday, Kuwaiti citizens on German lands to follow new coronavirus countermeasures the German government put into effect.
In a statement obtained by KUNA, the embassy called on citizens to pay attention to new guidelines proposed by German authorities.
It added that these measures are an expansion of what is known as the 2G rule, which states that those vaccinated or recovered could be admitted into restaurants, hotels, pools, gyms, theaters and other normal life practices.
It added that the new requirements include tightening measures against unvaccinated personnel, for instance, they are not permitted to meet with more than two people from another family.
It indicated that the only exception they are allowed is that they will be granted entry into convenience stores like supermarkets and pharmacies.
Additionally, pharmacists and dentist will be allowed to administer vaccine shots in order to expand vaccination campaign as much as possible, and wearing masks will be mandatory in schools.
As for sports activities, and cultural events attendance will be limited to vaccinated and recovered people, and will not exceed 30 to 50 percent of total, i.e audiences in closed halls must not exceed 5,000 people and 30,000 in open areas with committing to wearing masks.
Gatherings in streets and piazzas, and fireworks to celebrate New Year's Eve will not be permitted.
Moreover, it is indicated that there is a directive to impose mandatory vaccination by February 2022 via parliamentary voting. (end) anj.aai