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CARIRS: Kuwait funds 33,700 illegal residents education

KUWAIT, Dec 5 (KUNA) - The Central System for the Remedy of Situations of Illegal Residents (CARIRS) said Sunday that the number of illegal residents studying on scholarship reached 33,700 students in 2020/2021.
A total of 20,373 of them study in public schools while 13,327 others in private schools, and their expenses are paid through Kuwait's Charitable Fund.
The information circulated in one of the seminars and circulated on social media about the education of illegal residents in Kuwait is inaccurate and not true, said CARIRS in a press statement.
It undervalues Kuwait's efforts to ensure education and denies the contributions that have been made in order to popularize education for the illegal residents, added CARIRS, which would "damage Kuwait's reputation abroad and distort it for the great humanitarian role that distinguished Kuwait's government and its people." Kuwait Charitable Fund was established by the State Cabinet resolution 655 December 7th 2003, which states the establishment of two charitable funds, one for education while the other for health, explained CARIRS.
CARIRS called on everyone to follow the truth in all news and statements that are published and broadcast, especially when it affects Kuwait's reputation. (end) Bmj.nfa.seo