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Coalition forces destroy bomb-laden boat S. Red Sea

JEDDAH, Oct 24 (KUNA) -- The Saudi-led coalition to support Yemen's legitimacy said Sunday its forces destroyed an explosive laden boat remotely controlled by "the terrorist Houthi militias" in the southern part of the Red Sea.
The imminent act of hostility was timely aborted off Al-Sleif seaport, west Yemen, according to a statement from the coalition command carried by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).
The statement denounced, once again, "the Houthi terrorists" for persisting in violating the Stockholm accord on ceasefire in Hudaydah governorate.
The hostile behavior of the Houthi militias poses risk to the international maritime navigation in the Straits of Bab Al-Mandab and south the Red Sea, according to the statement.
The Stockholm agreement, reached by Yemeni parties in September 2018, provides for ceasefire in Hudaydah, Al-Sleif and Ras Isa ports and handing authority over them to the Yemeni legitimate government under an international monitoring committee. (pickup previous) nsa.gb