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EU wants to diversify energy supply

BRUSSELS, Oct 22 (KUNA) -- The European Union Friday expressed "real concern" over rising energy prices and said it will diversify its energy suppliers as one of the means to deal with the situation.
"The rising energy prices are a real concern for consumers and businesses. We know that this is a global situation, but it bears lessons that we need to implement right here in Europe, too. And that was what the discussion was all about," President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, told a press conference after the end of a 2-day summit of European Union leaders in Brussels this afternoon.
"To increase resilience and independence, we have agreed to explore how to establish a strategic gas reserve, also to explore the possibilities of a joint procurement. We will intensify our outreach to the different suppliers, also to diversify the supply we do have," she emphasized.
On his part, President of the European Council, Charles Michel, told the joint press conference that on short term, we need to focus on the immediate concerns of households and businesses.
"Longer term, diversifying energy sources, increasing investment in innovation and renewables is key," he said.
Leaders of the 27-member bloc in a statement called on the European Investment Bank to examine how to speed up investment in the energy transition. (end) nk