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Israeli occupation forces re-arrest two Palestinians who escaped prison

RAMALLAH, Sept 19 (KUNA) -- The Israeli occupation forces re-arrested two fugitive prisoners, Ayham Kamamji and Munadhel Nafaiat, after storming Jenin city and raiding the house they were in at dawn Sunday.
Fouad Kamamji, father of one of the captives, said that he received a call this morning from his son, who told him that he was trapped with Nafaiat in a house at the eastern neighborhood of Jenin and that he would turn himself in so as not to endanger people's lives.
Kamamji added in a press statement that he was not aware of his son's presence in Jenin, explaining that despite all the Israeli military measures, he still managed to get there.
The occupation authorities confirmed the arrest of both prisoners who had managed to escape from Gilboa prison last September 6, along with four other prisoners, whom the occupation army re-arrested.
Clashes and confrontations took place with the occupation forces in Jenin, injuring four Palestinians. (end) nq.lr