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NATO Military Committee chief: Many lessons to be learnt from developments in Afghanistan

BRUSSELS, Sept 18 (KUNA) -- The NATO Military Committee ended its 2-day conference in Athens, Greece, Saturday evening after discussing security challenges facing the 30-member Alliance, said the Chair of the Committee Admiral Rob Bauer.
Speaking at a press conference after the meeting, he said the first session of the day focused on NATO's operations, missions and activities.
"The dramatic developments of recent weeks and months are tragic for Afghanistan and its people. And they are a bitter turn of events for the whole international community. There are many lessons to be learnt," he said.
"The Alliance will conduct an honest, clear-eyed assessment of our engagement, looking at what worked, and what did not," said Bauer.
Further, the Committee which met at the level of military chiefs, discussed NATO's Mission in Iraq as well as the security situation in and around Iraq.
The Military Committee stressed the presence of NATO in Iraq is conditions-based. Any increase in troop numbers will be incremental, and based on requirements and consent from the Iraqi authorities, he said.
"NATO's relationship with Russia is at its lowest point since the Cold War. Moscow's aggressive actions are a threat to our security," he said.
"China's rise is fundamentally shifting the balance of power, which has potential consequences for our security, our prosperity and our way of life," noted Bauer.
The Military Committee took the opportunity to discuss the NATO 2030 agenda - its opportunities and military implications, he added. (end) nk.ibi