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Countries update COVID-19 fatalities, infections

KUWAIT, July 25 (KUNA) -- Around the world, several countries on Sunday updated their new COVID-19 deaths and infections over the past 24 hours.
Egyptian Ministry of Health registered four coronavirus-related deaths and 38 new infections.
Total deaths went up to 16,481 and registered infections topped 283,985 people, as total recovered cases reached 227,490, Ministry Spokesman Dr. Khaled Mujahed said.
Meanwhile, Indian health sources said that 535 people died due to COVID-19 while 39,742 fresh positive cases were registered from different parts of the country.
Fatalities due to COVID-19 rose to 420,551 as cumulative positive cases mounted to 31,371,901, Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said, adding that 30,543,138 people recovered.
Russia recorded 779 additional COVID-19 deaths and 24,072 new infections, as overall infections increased to 6,126,541 cases and the death toll hit 153,874, the anti-coronavirus crisis center said in a statement.
Additionally, the total number of healed cases went up to 5,490,634 after adding 18,678 fresh recoveries, it pointed out.
Elsewhere, Tunisia's Ministry of Health said that 231 patients succumbed to COVID-19 while 5,359 others tested positive for the virus.
Total infections and deaths since the outbreak of the pandemic came to 569,289, and 18,600 respectively, as overall recoveries climbed to 460,361, it added. (end) ms.atk.as.ksj.lr