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WHO, Kuwait Health Min. to tackle COVID-19 together - official

WHO representative in Kuwait Dr. Assad Hafeez
WHO representative in Kuwait Dr. Assad Hafeez
By: Mohammad Abu Baker KUWAIT, June 18 (KUNA) - The World Health Organization (WHO) will work with the Kuwaiti Health Ministry to help tackle the COVID-19, said the organization's representative in Kuwait Dr. Assad Hafeez Friday.
During an interview with KUNA, Dr. Hafeez expressed his thanks to the government of Kuwait, following unremitting efforts that resulted in opening a permanent office for the organization in the country.
He also touched on Kuwait's five-year plan, stating that it includes multiple targets, such as improving health care, which is met on the other hand by global goals such as sustainable development.
He also shed light on the projects that can take place between Kuwait and the organization with the health city project, which includes many aspects, including a healthy lifestyle, way of living, the environment, and benefiting from human energies.
Regarding the new coronavirus variant (Delta) in Kuwait, and what the organization can provide in this regard, Dr. Hafeez said that they can provide detailed information about this virus.
The organization can also provide the necessary information, experts and consultations for the benefit of local experts, which is reflected in treatment programs with the knowledge of the most effective vaccines, the best treatment, and the means of prevention, he added.
He expressed gratitude to Kuwait for opening the permanent office after 6 years of joint work, despite the current Covid-19 epidemic obstacles, emphasizing the deep-rooted relationship between the two sides, which began in 1960, and has grown strongly thanks to a series of Kuwaiti support for the activities of the organization. (end) ma.aa