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Egypt urges pan-Arab unity on GERD talks

DOHA, June 15 (KUNA) -- Egypt's foreign minister said on Tuesday that talks over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) should demonstrate a united Arab stand to ensure that any deal reached would pacify Cairo and Khartoum.
There would be severe consequences felt across the region if Egypt or Sudan's water supply are to be affected, Sameh Shoukry told pan-Arab talks on a foreign ministerial level over the lingering dispute, lamenting the lack of "tangible progress" on the matter.
He attributed the stalemate to Addis Ababa's "continued intransigence" which contravenes international laws and conventions related to water flow and resources, the minister said.
Cairo remains committed to reach a framework on the use of river water for all Nile Basin states, he emphasized, warning that the absence of a just resolution to the dispute is "trying Egypt's patience." Ethiopia sees GERD as crucial for its development, helping boost its power production, while Cairo believes it threatens its supply of Nile waters that is vital to sustain life there. (end) nnd.nam