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Biden: Clean energy 'opportunity' to address climate change's challenges

WASHINGTON, April 23 (KUNA) -- President Joe Biden, Friday, called for investing in clean energy, deeming it as an opportunity to address challenges posed by climate change.
His statement at the virtual leaders' summit on climate, Biden said "Today's final session is not about the threat of climate change poses; it's about the opportunity that addressing climate change provides. It's an opportunity to create millions of good-paying jobs around the world and innovate -- in innovative sectors -- you know, jobs that bring greater quality of life, greater dignity to the people performing those jobs in every nation." "When we invest in climate resilience and infrastructure, we create opportunities for everyone. That's at the heart of my Jobs Plan that I proposed here in United States. It's how our nation intends to build an economy that gives everybody a fair shot," he added.
"As you heard in the last session, it requires investing in innovation. That's why I've asked the Secretary of Energy -- my Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, who you saw earlier -- to speed the development of critical technologies to tackle the climate crisis." The US President noted, "No single technology is the answer on its own because every sector requires innovation to meet this moment. You know, this critical effort is going to propel the most impactful breakthroughs at home and around the world and lower the cost of -- we're paying now for polluting the air so badly. We're going to move to net zero in a transition in all countries." "Now, look, every country will need to invest in new clean energy technologies as we work forward and -- to deal with net-zero emissions." "This is a moment for all of us to build better economies for our children, our grandchildren, and all of us to thrive -- to thrive in -- not just now, but beyond for the next generations," urged Biden.
"Nations that work together to invest in a cleaner economy will reap rewards for their citizens. The United States is committed -- we are committed to making those investments to grow our economy here at home while connecting with markets around the world." "For example, we're launching a new Global Partnership for Climate-Smart Infrastructure. This will create good-paying jobs here in America by supporting development of new clean infrastructure in our partner countries." "These are the sort of partnerships that are going to be good for all of us. And I think they'll have additional benefits just with us working together. Look forward to working alongside you to confront the climate crisis, to build a better world for all of our children and grandchildren. We're going to do this together." (end) asj.gta