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Kuwaiti diplomat: Kuwait-China relations enter new era of prosperous cooperation

KUWAIT, April 22 (KUNA) -- Acting Charge D'Affairs of the Kuwaiti Consulate in Quanzhou Abdulaziz Al-Mujil, on Thursday, said Kuwait-China relations has entered a new era of cooperation through the Belt and Road initiative, which coincided with Kuwait's 2035 Vision. In a statement to KUNA, the Kuwaiti Consulate in Quanzhou said these statement were delivered by Al-Mujil at the opening ceremony of the Virtual Exhibition of Intangible Cultural Heritage entitled "Handcrafts with intellectual connotations", held at the Museum of Western Arts in Foshan City.
Al-Mujil also affirmed that the continued visits and meetings of officials from both countries greatly attributed for this purpose, quoting Chinese poet Wang Bo, "Friendship across the world makes near Neighbours of far horizons." He also pointed out that the relations enlightened us of each other's traditions and intangible cultural heritages there forth eases the process of cooperative discussions and in turn greatly attribute to the bilateral relations in all fields. (end) mab.aq