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Arab League decries Kosovo's recognition of Jerusalem as "Israel's capital"

CAIRO, Feb 2 (KUNA) -- The Arab league in the strongest terms on Tuesday condemned Kosovo's recognition of Jerusalem as "capital of Israel" and its decision to establish an embassy in the occupied city.
The Secretary General Ahmad Abulgheit said in a statement Kosovo's decision in this regard is "illegitimate and constitutes a breach of the international law that recognizes the city of Jerusalem as occupied territory whereby barring transfer of embassies to it.
"The decision also contradicts international unanimity with regard of opening embassies in occupied Jerusalem where only two states have violated this stance, the United States and Guatemala." United Nations Security Council Resolutions in this respect are explicit, he said, alluding in particular to the UNSC Resolution 478/1980 that denounces Israel's annexation of East Jerusalem and prohibits establishment of diplomatic missions in the city.
Opening an embassy in the city does not alter the reality that it is under occupation and its destiny can only be determined through negotiations for Jerusalem constitutes one of the most final solution crucial issues between the Palestinian and Israeli sides, Abulgheit added.
Recognition of Jerusalem as "Israel's capital" comes against the logic of peaceful settlement and the two states' solution, he has affirmed further. (end) ms.rk