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EU leaders want no travel ban in Europe

BRUSSELS, Jan 22 (KUNA) -- European Union leaders have stressed that EU borders need to stay open to ensure the functioning of the EU Single market, including the flow of essential goods and services.
"No indiscriminate travel bans should be imposed," the President of the European Council Charles Michel told a press conference late Thursday summing up the conclusions of the virtual EU summit last night which was focused on the pandemic.
However, measures restricting non-essential travel in the EU may be needed to contain the spread of the virus, he said.
EU leaders noted the seriousness of the situation especially in the light of the new coronavirus variants. They are determined to limit the spread of the virus by adopting similar measures among the EU member states, he said.
They called for vaccination to be accelerated. In this respect, commitments on deliveries made by companies must be respected. They reaffirmed their solidarity with third countries. Effective support should be delivered as soon as possible to third countries, added Michel. (end) nk.gta