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Kuwait’s Parliament approves bill incriminating domestic violence

Kuwait’s Parliament
Kuwait’s Parliament

KUWAIT, Aug 19 (KUNA) -- Kuwait National Assembly approved on Wednesday in its second reading the draft law of protection against domestic violence, including measures that contribute in boosting family unity.
The bill, referred by the Woman and Family Parliamentary Committee, was approved by 38 MPs and opposed by one MP while one lawmaker abstained from voting.
The bill set the minimum standard and legal protection procedures for victims of domestic violence, in a way that maintains the family unity without threating its stability in the society.
This would-be law offers further guarantees of protection for family members against violence, and to form institutional means of social solidarity, offering victims of domestic violence the required legal, medical, and rehabilatin services.
One of the articles describes domestic violence as form of physical, psychological, sexual, or financial mistreatment whether in words of actions, or a threat to use one of earlier mention points, performed by one of the family members against another member or more, exceeding his/her legal obligations, according to actions and crimes mentioned in the national regulations and legislations.
Another article calls for forming a national committee of protection against domestic violence, consisting of representatives of government and civil society groups. This committee creates the general policy of protection and strengthening of families' unity to counter domestic violence.
Another article calls for establishing shelters for victims of domestic violence, affiliated to the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, to provide shelter, legal advice, along with publishing statistics of domestic violence.
The bill allowed the Minister of Social Affairs to form special teams to investigate and follow up domestic violence cases.
The bill also encouraged victims of domestic violence to report the assault to competent authorities. (end) jy.ns.lb