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France sends over 700 tons of medical, food supplies

PARIS, Aug 9 (KUNA) -- France said Sunday it was sending 18 tons of medical supplies and around 700 tons of food to Lebanon to help the country recover from last Tuesday's massive explosion that rocked Beirut Port, killing and wounding thousands of people.
France's assistance would be delivered through eight flights, the first of which took place last Wednesday, and two ships, the foreign ministry said in a statement.
An airforce transport plane flew to Lebanon yesterday and two additional flights would take off in the coming hours to transport 13 tons of food supplies and three tons of medicine, it said.
The ministry added a helicopter carrier would sail today carrying hundreds of food, fresh water and construction materials.
France will coordinate with the Lebanese authorities and UN agencies to determine needs for reconstruction, it said.
France is also sending 55 civil security forces, 50 interior ministry personnel and nine firemen. (end) mjz.bs