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Arab League condemns Yemeni Houthis' attacks in Saudi Arabia

CAIRO, July 14 (KUNA) -- Arab League Secretary General Ahmad Abul Gheit on Tuesday deplored the launching of drones and ballistic missiles by "terrorist" Houthi militias towards Saudi Arabia.
In a statement issued by the League, Abul Gheit expressed his confidence in the capabilities of the coalition forces supporting legitimacy in Yemen that managed to intercept these attacks launched by Yemeni Houthis.
He said that Houthi militias hold full responsibility for the continued war in Yemen and all sufferings facing Yemenis, as they (militias) are insisting on committing hostile acts against Saudi Arabia.
Yemeni people are the first victim of the Houthi practices, he stressed, noting that most of the Yemeni people are seeking peace and an end of the war.
He pointed out that a small group is insisting on achieving its interests and meeting the demands of its regional supporters at the expense of the majority of the people. (end) mfm.asm.hm