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Egypt: Continued disparities on GERD

CAIRO, July 7 (KUNA) -- Egyptian Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources affirmed Tuesday that there are continuous differences amongst Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia on addressing measures regarding drought in relation to the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).
In a statement issued today, the ministry said the talks on the dam went on for the fifth day in a row, under the patronage of the African Union and in the presence of some international observers.
Two meetings of the technical and legal teams from the three countries were held in parallel to bring views closer on differences in both tracks.
The statement pointed out that there are disagreements regarding the rules of refilling of the dam after the periods of prolonged drought where the dams will be at the lowest levels of operation.
Thus, Egypt is sticking to implement certain rules of refilling, but Ethiopia is insisting on implementing the rules of the first filling, which will increase the burdens of Egypt's High Dam, in addition to the effects of the drought periods. This remains a major point of disparities between the parties, it noted.
It said Ethiopia is adhering unilaterally to change operating rules with an individual will, and will inform later the downstream countries about these rules that were rejected by both Sudan and Egypt.
Each country agreed to offer its report to the trilateral ministerial meeting to be held later on. (end) asm.hm