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Kuwait gov't determined to pursue corrupted individuals regardless of their status - PM

KUWAIT, June 3 (KUNA) -- Kuwait government is determined to crack down on every individual with relation to corruption cases regarding public funds, money laundry and human trafficking, His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah affirmed Wednesday.
"We will not stay silent nor keep our hands crossed regarding human trafficking and money laundry, and we will not accept these issues be associated with the State of Kuwait, no matter how influential this person is," His Highness the Prime Minister underscored in a meeting with editors in chief of local newspapers.
"No one is immune from prosecution and punishment as long as there is an assault on public funds," he said.
His Highness the Prime Minister said His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah instructed him, soon after his took oath as Prime Minister, to protect and preserve the public funds and fight the corrupt.
He said he considered these instructions a pathway he was pursuing.
"Kuwait deserves a good reputation and deserve the title of His Highness the Amir as 'Humanitarian Leader' and Kuwait as 'Humanitarian Center.' We all have to exert efforts to fight whatever harms reputation of our nation," said His Highness the Prime Minister.
Asked about the government's efforts against human traffickers, His Highness the Prime Minister said the government was "fighting human trafficking and all companies that violate the laws, and we have taken legal action against 224 companies and referred them to prosecution." Asked about the Malaysian Sovereign Wealth Fund and alleged corruption-related charges against Kuwaiti individuals, he said "we will not be covering up on anyone, and no one is immune from prosecution be it in relation to the Malaysian fund or any suspected abuse of public funds or money laundry or human trafficking. This is a government priority." His Highness the Prime Minister said they referred the Malaysian fund issue to the competent authorities for investigation.
He said he met with Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad three times when he was a Foreign Minister and he did not mention any "role of Kuwait in this issue."(end) jy.ns.bs