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Kuwait security officers arrest drug dealer with 30,000 Captagon pills - MoI

KUWAIT, May 7 (KUNA) -- The Ministry of Interior (MoI) Thursday announced arrest of a drug dealer with 30,000 Captagon pills, which he smuggled a month ago, in his possession, and was thus transferred to the public prosecution.
Drug enforcement personnel arrested the drug leader, who was previously charged for related crimes, MoI said in a statement.
It said the ministry agreed with a source in one of the countries, which it did not name, to inform them about smuggling of a large quantity of narcotics for a drug dealer inside Kuwait.
MoI personnel were also monitoring the drug dealer for two weeks, it said. A secret source managed to meet the dealer to buy Captagon pills for a small amount of money.
The source, it added, asked for a larger quantity and the dealer was busted during the delivery time and the law enforcement officers found 30,000 Captagon pills, thus the dealer confessed of smuggling them for the purpose of selling the drugs. (end) ns.bs