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New 83 coronavirus cases recorded in Kuwait

Ministry of Health
Ministry of Health

KUWAIT, April 10 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Ministry of Health announced on Friday 83 new cases of infection with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) were recorded over the past 24 hours bringing total number of people contaminted with the virus to 993.

The ministry official spokesperson Dr. Abdullah Al-Sanad said in a statement that the new cases included two Kuwaiti citizens who came back home on a repatriation flight from the United Kingdom and 77 cases had mingled with persons of confirmed contamination with the contagious virus.
The group of patients who were close to infected persons included a single female citizen, 51 Indian expatriates, eight Pakistanis, seven from Bangladesh, five Nepalese, three Egyptians, a Syrian and a Filipina.

Dr. Al-Sanad said four suspected contamination cases were counted, in addition to examining those who had socialized with them (two Kuwaiti citizens, an Egyptian and a Syrian).
Number of patients undergoing treatment at intensive care units amounted to 26, including 16 in stable condition, thus the whole number of people receiving medical care stood at 869.
Earlier today, Minister of Health Sheikh Dr. Basel Al-Sabah announced 12 people infected with the virus recovered, thus the whole figure of those cured of the contagion reached 123.
Dr. Al-Sanad renewed the call upon the nationals and residents of the country to continue taking precautions, staying at home, abstain from socializing with others and following up on directions by the official authorities on measures aimed at containing spread of the virus. (end) mak.rk