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Kuwait gov't launches website to facilitate citizens' repatriation - Min. Al-Jassem

KUWAIT, April 9 (KUNA) -- Kuwait government launched Thursday a website for citizens abroad wishing to return to register their information to facilitate repatriation and make job of health authorities in Kuwait easy in receiving them.
This platform will allow citizens abroad to register their information in order to facilitate their repatriation, Minister of State for Municipal Affairs Waleed Al-Jassem told a news conference following a cabinet meeting.
"This platform will allow government departments to take appropriate decisions regarding the repatriation," said Al-Jassem.
He urged all citizens to register at: (withyouauth.e.gov.kw).
"The purpose is to have a single database for all citizens which will facilitate their admission into health facilities," said Al-Jassem.
Government spokesman Tareq Al-Mezrem, meanwhile, said all citizens abroad wishing to return would be repatriated.
The website, he added, included questions aimed at facilitating the job of health authorities when they receive the nationals upon their return.
"These are important and accurate questions which are based on medical background," he said. (pickup previous) bs