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Kuwait oil price down to USD 19.74 pb

Kuwait oil price
Kuwait oil price
KUWAIT, April 9 (KUNA) -- The price of Kuwaiti oil went down by USD 1.46 to USD 19.74 per barrel Wednesday after being at USD 21.20 pb the day before, said the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) Thursday.
At the global level, the future contracts of oil went up on hopes that the OPEC+ -- consisting of OPEC members and producers from outside the organization -- will lock a deal on decreasing production in a meeting today.
The meeting, to be held in a closed video conference, is expected to be successful than the previous meeting on March sixth, which failed to come to a deal on cutting output.
The Brent crude went up by 97 cents to USD 32.84 pb, the same case with the West Texas Intermediate, which went up by USD 1.47 to USD 25.09 pb. (end) km.gta