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India confirms 35 deaths, 773 COVID-19 infections in last 24 hours

NEW DELHI, April 8 (KUNA) -- Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare stated on Wednesday that there were 35 deaths and 773 new infections in the last 24 hours from coronavirus in the country.
The ministry of health showed in its latest data that the death toll following COVID-19 has rose to 149 as there were 35 deaths since yesterday morning and the total number of infection climbed to 5194 from the earlier figure of 4421.
Out of the 5194 confirmed cases, 402 people recovered and were discharged from the hospitals while the pandemic spread to 31 Indian states.
Maharashtra is considered the worst affected state with 64 deaths and 1,018 positive cases followed by Tamil Nadu with seven deaths and 690 positive cases.
New Delhi registered nine deaths and 576 positive cases.
The Indian authorities had imposed a nation-wide lock down for 21 days in wake of the spread of coronavirus.
The central and state governments had slapped curfew-like restrictions, closing down schools, educational institutions and universities imposing ban on religious and other festivals, huge gatherings.
All transport services including train, bus, metro and flight were also came to a halt in wake of the spread of the deadly virus. (end) atk.mb