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Kuwait Municipality adopts measures to guarantee wellbeing of public - spokesman

KUWAIT, March 30 (KUNA) -- Kuwait Municipality adopted measures since outset of coronavirus crisis to minimize impacts on public wellbeing calling for provision of sanitizers, masks and gloves, and closing restaurants, coffee shops and any place that see gathering of people.
Municipality spokesman Mohammad Al-Mutairi, in a statement to KUNA Monday, said the body acted upon instructions of Government and Ministry of Health and closed cinema theaters, theaters, wedding halls, hotel ballrooms, gyms, acrades and exhibitions.
The Municipality also closed shopping malls and barber shops, he said.
"All this aim at preventing gathering of people in one place" in order to reduce risks of contracting the virus, he said.
Al-Mutairi said Municipality teams were making sure streets were clean and garbage cans were sanitized, while workers who lift the garbage cans were isolated to guarantee their safety. (end) tms.bs