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Arab countries report new coronavirus cases

KUWAIT, March 29 (KUNA) -- Syrian Ministry of Health Sunday said a person died of coronavirus to be the first death in the Arab country.
A woman passed away shortly after she was admitted into hospital in Damascus, the Syrian news agency quoted a ministry statement as saying.
There are nine coronavirus patients in Syria, and the government imposed a partial curfew, stopped transportation among provinces, suspended public transportation and closed borders with Lebanon.
In Morocco, the number of people infected with COVID-19 jumped to 450 after 13 persons tested positive for the virus.
Moroccan Ministry of Health said however 26 people died of the virus and 13 recovered.
Morocco declared an emergency crisis in the country in a bid to control spread of the virus.
In Libya, there were five new infections to increase total to eight.
Libya Channel 218 quoted the Libyan disease control center as confirming the five infections were all in the city of Mistara.
In Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Ministry of Interior called on the Palestinian people to stay indoors and only leave their homes in extreme necessity.
"We urge the least possible movement for the sake of people's safety in this critical time," Ministry spokesman Ayad Al-Bazm told a joint news conference with Dr. Ashraf Al-Qudra, ministry of health spokesman.
He said quarantine centers would be sterilized.
Al-Qudra said nine people infected with the virus were in quarantine and in stable condition.
In Sudan, minister of health Akram Al-Toom the authorities in Khartoum said number of COVID-19 cases increased to six after one person tested positive.
Sudan suspended schools and universities, religious events and rallies as well as closing wedding halls, coffee shops and sport venues. (end) kt.bs