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Kuwaiti gov't scales combat against coronavirus

KUWAIT, March 9 (KUNA) -- The Cabinet decided on Monday to entrust Kuwaiti Municipality and the Ministry of Health to coordinate funerals at cemeteries in line with preventive measures and avoid the causes of coronavirus spread.
Speaking to reporters after a cabinet meeting, the government spokesman Tareq Al-Marzim said the Ministry of Health issued three circulars that clarify the procedures required of arrivals upon their arrival in Kuwait, whether they are citizens or residents.
The spokesman said that the first circular singled out those coming from China, South Korea, Hong Kong, Italy, Iran and Iraq, noting that all those coming from those countries apply to them the institutional quarantine, which is a strict obligatory for a period of 14 days.
The second circular concerns those coming from Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Bangladesh, India, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Azerbaijan, and it applies to them a home quarantine, which means "commitment to never leave the house for a period of 14 days and contact the hotline in the event of any development of symptoms on the following phone number 24970967.
The third circular is for those arriving from Germany, France, Spain, America, the Netherlands, Norway, the UK, Belgium, Sweden, and Switzerland, and health monitoring applies to them, including medical instructions and advice.
He stressed that these three circulars are subject to change according to the instructions of the Ministry of Health, according to the conditions in these countries, explaining that the Ministry of Health will amend and evaluate according to the conditions of these countries continuously.
Regarding the cabinet decision, Monday, to close all cinemas, theaters and wedding receptions, the spokesman stated that this decision came as a precautionary and preventive measure for all citizens and residents in Kuwait.
He stressed that Kuwait deals with the issue of the novel coronavirus (Covid 19) in a transparent manner by publishing all the correct information and all the facts as it is, pointing to the World Health Organization's praise of this transparency and the health measures taken by Kuwait. (end) jy.aa