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EU seeks stronger cooperation with int'l community for peaceful cyberspace

BRUSSELS, Feb 21 (KUNA) -- The European Union and its Member States Friday called upon the international community to continue to strengthen their cooperation in favour of a global, open, stable, peaceful and secure cyberspace.
"We call upon the international community to continue to contribute to international peace and security by implementing the existing consensus based on the 2010, 2013 and 2015 reports of the United Nations Group of Governmental Experts in the field of Information and Telecommunications in the Context of International Security (UNGGE) ,"said EU High Representative Josep Borrell in a Declaration on behalf of the 27-member Union.
The EU expressed concern "about the increase of irresponsible and destabilising behaviour in cyberspace and will continue to address the challenges that cyberspace poses both internally as well as to our foreign and security policy.
The Declaration noted that on 28 October 2019, Georgia was the victim of a targeted cyber-attack causing damage to their social and economic infrastructure.
"Today, the European Union and its Member States condemn the cyber-attack and will continue to assist Georgia in increasing its cyber resilience," it added. (end) nk.ibi