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China: COVID-19 death toll hits 1,770

KUWAIT, Feb 17 (KUNA) -- Death toll from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) hit 1,770 in China with 70,635 cases of infection recorded across 31 regions, said the National Health Commission (NHC) Monday.
There are 2,048 new reported cases with 105 new confirmed deaths; 100 in the center of the outbreak of Hubei province, three deaths in Henan province and two deaths in Guangdong province, said the Commission.
In Hong Kong, there were 57 individuals confirmed to be infected by the end of Sunday with one death, while 10 cases were confirmed in Macau and 20 in Taiwan; also had one death case.
Two patients in Hong Kong, five in Macau and two in Taiwan were discharged from hospital after recovery. (end) mab.lr