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Coronavirus registers 142 new death cases, 2,093 confirmed infected cases

KUWAIT, Feb 16 (KUNA) -- The Chinese authorities announced on Sunday 142 new deaths, and 2,093 confirmed infections of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in 31 towns, cities and districts in the country.

In its daily report, the Chinese National Health Committee said that Coronavirus death toll hit 1,665, while the confirmed cases reached 68,584 cases.
Among the 142 deaths, 139 cases are in Hubie, which is the center of the virus outbreak, while two other cases in Sichuan, and only one in Hunan, it added.
Some 1,918-suspected cases of Coronavirus are registered 291 of them with deteriorating health conditions, while 11,272 patients, infected with Coronavirus, are still at the hospital in critical status, the commission said.
In Hong Kong, 56 cases of confirmed Coronavirus infected patients were registered until last Friday with only one death case, while ten cases are registered in Macau, and other 18 in Taiwan.
Only one patient in Hong Kong, three in Macau, and other two in Taiwan left the hospitals after recovering, it affirmed. (end) mab.lb