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Russia FM urges int'l response to challenges

MUNICH, Feb 15 (KUNA) -- Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Saturday that it is essential for the international community to work together and exert concerted efforts to fight major global challenges.
Speaking at the 56th Munich Security Conference (MSC-2020), Lavrov said stability in the European continent could only be achieved by fighting terrorism and human trafficking and tackling transnational crises.
He added that Russia has always been seeking to achieve peace and combat violence measures by all means, calling on the international community to exert more efforts in order to create peace around the globe.
The Russian foreign minister also called for observing international covenants and applying the UN principle based on respect for national sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs of States.
Lavrov vowed that his country would pursue a balanced approach aiming at settling the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as per relevant international accords and resolutions.
Commending Russian-Turkish relations, he acknowledged that Moscow and Ankara have some points of contention over several issues. (end) anj.fn.mt