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Int'l talks on Libya agree arms embargo ahead of political process

BERLIN, Jan 19 (KUNA) -- Regional and global actors attending talks on the Libyan crisis on Sunday agreed to commit to an arms embargo and to uphold the ceasefire between Gen Khalifa Hafter's forces in the east and the UN-recognised government of Fayez Al-Sarraj in the west.
The formation of an international mechanism to oversee the implementation of the arms embargo, the dismantling and disarmament of armed groups and the imposition of sanctions on violators of the arms ban was also agreed.
Additionally, the two sides will benefit from equal and transparent shares of oil and gas revenue under the deal.
The talks, which will be followed by a political process, grouped representatives of the P5 Security Council member countries, plus Germany and Italy, Egypt, Algeria, Congo, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates alongside the two Libyan rivals.
At a closing press conference, German Chancellor Angela Merkel underlined the need to rule out a military solution to the conflict.
Describing the agreement, Merkel said it would be a political boost to United Nations efforts aimed at pulling Libya out of its ongoing conflict.
The results are to be implemented immediately, she added, with the first step being to hold consultative talks ahead of the breakthrough. (pickup previous) anj.sd