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Palestinians continue struggle for statehood

Israeli forces launched raids on Gaza Strip
Israeli forces launched raids on Gaza Strip
 KUWAIT, Dec 28 (KUNA) - The Palestinians continued their struggle for an independent state in line with relevant UN Security Council resolutions, Arab peace initiative and principles of peace.
   Following are major events related to the Palestinian cause in 2019.
   Jan. 15: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas took over the chairmanship of the Group of 77 + China in 2019 at a ceremony held at the headquarters of the United Nations General Assembly.
   Jan. 30: The Palestinian Health Ministry announced the student Semah Mubarak (16 years) as Martyr after being killed by the Israeli occupation forces.
   Feb. 14: Palestine participated for the first time in the 55th Munich Security Conference represented by the Head of the General Intelligence Service Major General Majed Faraj.
   Feb. 19: Twenty Palestinians were wounded by Israeli occupation forces in the 24th maritime protest north of the Gaza Strip.
   Feb. 24: The Israeli occupation forces arrested the Head of the Islamic Awqaf Council Sheikh Abduladhim Salhab in northern Jerusalem.
   March 4: The US announced its decision to reduce its diplomatic representation in Palestine by merging its consulate in Jerusalem with its embassy in Israel.
   March 11: Al-Rahma Mosque reopened in Jerusalem by a court order after it was closed by the Israeli authorities since 2003.
   March 17: An Israeli was killed and two others injured in a stabbing and shooting operation in the northern West Bank.
   March 21: Three Palestinians killed by Israeli occupation forces in West Bank.
   March 30: Four Palestinians killed during demonstrations in the Gaza Strip marking the first anniversary of the return march.
   July 12: 55 Palestinian protestors injured 33 of them hit by live ammunition in an attack by Israeli army, during the Great March Return east Gaza strip.
   July 22 -- Israeli occupation forces begins the demolition of houses at Sor Baher town, near eastern Jerusalem under the pretext of threatening security.
   July 25: President of Palestinian Authority Mahmoud Abas Declares the suspension of the agreements signed with Israel after destroying number of buildings in eastern Jerusalem
   July 26: A Palestinian died during clashes with Israeli forces on borders between Israel and Gaza strip.
   Aug. 23: Three Israeli settlers injured in an explosion near Dolef settlement in central West Bank.
   Aug. 24: 56 Palestinian protesters injured 27 with bullets of the occupation forces during the March Return in Gaza strip.
   Aug. 27: Three Palestinian security men killed in a suicide attack targeted two security checkpoints in Gaza Stripe by ISIS militants.
   Sept. 10: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pledged to take control over the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea if he succeeds in the general elections.
   Sept. 18: Palestinian woman died after being shot by Israeli occupation forces at Qalandiya checkpoint north of Jerusalem.
   Sept. 23: Israeli occupation forces arrests 45 Palestinians in the west bank.
   Sept. 29: Israeli occupation forces arrests 17 Palestinians and imposes a total closure on the West Bank and Gaza Strip on the occasion of the Jewish New Year.
  Oct. 4: A Palestinian killed by Israeli forces during border clashes in the northeast of the Gaza Strip.
   Oct. 25: Palestinian health ministry said 77 Palestinians were injured by Israeli occupation forces' bullets during their Friday's protest against the Israeli siege on Gaza Strip.
   Nov. 11: Israel killed Senior Islamic Jihad Commander Bahaa Abu Al-Atta by ticking bomb that targeted his house in Gaza.
   Nov. 12: Palestinian Health Ministry announced death toll from Israeli strikes in Gaza rises to 22 directly after the death of Jihad Commander Bahaa Abu Al-Atta.
   Nov. 13: Death toll in Gaza rose to 73 people including 30 child and 13 women.
   Nov. 14: The shooting battle between Islamic Jihad Movement and Israeli Forces stopped after Egyptian interaction.
   Nov. 16:  Israel strikes Hamas sites after rockets fired in Gaza as cease-fire efforts at risk.
   Nov. 16: UN Committee voted to extend the mandate of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) until 2023.
   Nov. 19: U.S. said that Israeli statements in the West Bank is no longer considered illegal. 
   Nov. 21: Israeli Forces closed some Palestinian institutions including Palestine's T.V. 
   Nov. 25:  Israel Expels Human Rights Watch Director over illegal supporting an international pro-Palestinian boycott.
   Dec. 2: Israeli occupation forces arrested 11 Palestinians in the West Bank.
   Dec. 2: UNCTAD said Palestinian economy lost USD 48 billion between 2000-17.
   Dec. 6: Israeli occupation forces shot and injured scores of Palestinians who were taking part in March of Return protests in eastern Gaza.
   Dec. 8: Israeli forces launched raids on Gaza Strip, hours after three rockets were fired from the enclave at southern Israel.
   Dec. 13: Israeli occupation forces banned Christians in Gaza from visiting holy cities in Bethlehem and Jerusalem during Christmas holidays.
   Dec. 18: The European Union's (EU) mission in Jerusalem announced readiness to support the Palestinian general elections that would be held in Gaza Strip, West Bank and Jerusalem once a presidential order was issued to determine the timing framework.
   Dec. 20: Prosecutor General of the International Criminal Court said she planned to open a comprehensive investigation into possible war crimes committed by Israel in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem. (end)