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The world marred by natural disasters in '19

Landslide killed 15 people in Morocco's Atlas Mountains
Landslide killed 15 people in Morocco's Atlas Mountains

 KUWAIT, Dec 26 (KUNA) -- The world witnessed natural disasters that claimed lives of so many people and injured more others, as well as displacing numerous humans and destroying their properties.
   Following are major natural disasters around the globe in 2019.

   Jan. 2: Philippines' authorities said 85 people were killed and 20 others missing due to ground collapse and floods in some provinces.
   Jan. 7: At least 32 people were killed when ground collapse in Sukabumi in Indonesia's Java Island.
   Jan. 7: Austria said at least three people were killed and four others missing due to avalanche in the Alps.
   Jan. 7: A 6.5- magnitude earthquake occurred in Halmahera in Maluku in Indonesia.
   Jan. 12: Three people lost their lives because of a snowstorm in the US state of Missouri.
   Jan. 13: Snowstorms killed three people in Austria's Salzburg, west of the capital.
   Jan. 14: Nine people were killed by a storm hit the middle west of the US.
   Jan. 17: Austria's police said at least 18 people were killed by avalanche and storms in the Alps.
   Jan. 24: Indonesia's authorities said at least 30 people were killed due to floods of the Bili-Bili dam in southern Sulawesi.
   Jan. 26: Washington declared a state of emergency because of measles spread and an infection among 20 people, mostly children.
   Jan. 31: A severe cold wave killed 12 people in the US.
   Feb. 12: At least 22 gold mines workers were killed by floods west of Zimbabwe's capital, Harari.
   March 2: At least 20 people were killed by torrential showers in Afghanistan.
   March 3: At least 18 people were killed and 42 others wounded by floods in Kandahar and Helmand provinces, south Afghanistan.
   March 4: Tornadoes killed 23 people in the southeastern US state of Alabama.
   March 16: At least 259 people were killed by a tornado in southeastern Zimbabwe.
   March 17: Ground collapses and torrential rain killed 80 people south of Indonesia.
   March 20: At least 446 persons were killed by Cyclone Idai in Mozambique.
   March 25: At least 70 people lost their lives and tens others were injured in torrential rain in Iran's Fars province.
   March 30: Torrential showers killed 32 people in western Afghanistan.
   March 31: Nepal said 25 people were killed and 400 others wounded by a thunderstorm.
   April 18: sixty people were killed after heavy lighting and house destruction due to rainstorms northwest of India.
   April 22: At least 15 people killed after earthquake measuring 6.3 on Richter scale in Luzon area Philippine.
   April 24: At least 70 people were killed due to rain floods on the eastern coastal areas of South Africa.
   April 29: Indonesia Disasters Agency said 29 people killed as result of floods.
   May 4: Twelve people killed in Odisha State east of India as result of the strongest hurricane in the country since the past five years.
   May 25: Afghan Disasters Ministry and Humanitarian Affairs said 24 people were killed and 11 injured as result of flooding sweeping six northern states.
   June 12: At least 19 people were killed in heavy rains and floods, which targeted areas in southern China.
   June 18: Six people were killed and 75 injured as result of earthquake measuring 6.0 degree on the Richter scale south of China.
   July 2: Mudslides caused by heavy rains killed 27 people in Mumbai, India.
   July 4:  Volcano eruption in Stromboli Island in Italy killed one person and injured dozens.
   July 11: Snowstorms, rain and strong winds killed six people and injured dozens north Greece.
   July 14: Floods and mudslides in Nepal killed 65 people and injured 83 others, with 30 more gone missing.
   July 26: Floods in India's Assam and Bihar states left 207 dead and affected over ten million others.
   July 26: Landslide killed 15 people in Morocco's Atlas Mountains.
   July 27: Seasonal floods killed 114 people in Bangladesh.
   July 27: An earthquake in the Batanes archipelagic province in the Philippines killed eight people and injured 60 others.
   Aug. 2: An earthquake of 6.9 magnitude off the coast of Java, Indonesia killed four people.
   Aug. 6: Heat wave killed 57 people in Japan.
   Aug. 9: Floods and mudslides caused by seasonal rain killed no less than 100 people and injured hundreds across India.
   Aug. 9: Netherlands Statistics agency announced that 2,964 people were killed by the heat wave that hit the country with 40.4 Celsius.
   Aug. 10: Landslide caused by Typhoon Lekima killed 32 people in China, while over one million others were evacuated.
   Aug. 11: Heavy rains killed 17 people in Karachi, southern Pakistan.
   Aug. 26: Heavy rains and floods killed 62 people in Sudan.
   Aug. 27: The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) announced that deaths by Ebola virus rose to 2,000 in the Congo since the beginning of 2019.
   Aug. 28: Hurricane Dorian killed 52 people in the Bahamas, while over 1,300 others went missing.
   Aug. 29: Heavy rains killed eight people in Taroudant city, Morocco.
   Sept. 24: An earthquake in northern Pakistan killed 37 people and injured dozens.
   Oct. 3: South Korean authorities announced that seven people were killed and scores went missing in a tornado in southern and eastern regions.
   Nov. 8: A 5.9-degree quake kills six people in East Azerbaijan, Iran.
   Nov. 9: At least three people were killed in Bangladesh and one in western India due to Cyclone Bulbul.
   Nov. 14: Four people were killed in a Bushfire in New South Wales, Australia.
   Nov. 15: Death tolled over 42 people with mysterious lung infection due to electronic cigarettes.
   Nov. 26:  At least 31 people have been killed and seral injures after a 6.4 magnitude earthquake hit Albania.
   Dec. 9: New Zealand police have confirmed that five people have died and ten others missing after White Island volcano erupted.
   Dec. 15: At least two people were killed of floods and winds that struck southwestern France.
   Dec. 15: Three people were killed and scores others injured when a commercial center collapsed due to a 6.8-degree earthquake in southern Philippines. (end)