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Large numbers of people killed in '19 violence, manmade disasters

At least 150 people were arrested during the yellow vests protests in Paris
At least 150 people were arrested during the yellow vests protests in Paris

 KUWAIT, Dec 26 (KUNA) -- There have been numerous man-made violent acts and disasters that marred the world throughout 2019, which claimed lives of large numbers of people and wounded many others.
   Following are major violent actions and disasters in 2019.

   Jan. 1: Pakistan's army announces death of eight individuals, security personnel and gunmen, in clashes on the border of Baluchistan southwest of the country.
   Jan. 2: Rescue teams salvage 38 remains from a housing complex disaster occurring in Russia's Magnitogorsk city. 
   Jan. 4: Afghan security forces kill 71 gunmen and injure 49 others in clashes throughout Afghanistan.
   Jan. 4: Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) kills one Turkish solider and injures two others in Igdir city near borders with Iran.
   Jan. 5: Fire in a building in Barcelona kills three people and injures 15 others.
   Jan. 5: The California bowling alley shooting leads to death of three people and the injury of four others. 
   Jan. 6: Collapse of mine in northeastern Afghanistan leads to death of 40 workers and the injury of 10 others.
   Jan. 12: Explosion at a bakery in Paris leads to the death of four people.
   Jan. 13: Shooting at hotel in Phoenix, Arizona, leads to death of female and the injury of five others.
   Jan. 14: Airplane crash near Tehran, Iran, leads to death of 15 individuals.
   Jan. 16: Armed assault on hotel in Nairobi, Kenya, leads to death of 21 individuals.
   Jan. 19: Oil pipe explosion in a city north of the Mexican capital leads to the death of 66 individuals and the injury of 76 others.
   Jan. 20: Fire in a French ski resort leads to the death of two people and other the injury of 20 others.
   Jan. 21: An assault claimed by Al-Qaeda group leads to the death of 10 UN peacekeeping soldiers.
   Jan. 21: A suicidal attack targeting a military compound in central Afghanistan leads to the death of 12 security personnel and the injury of 30 others.
   Jan. 22: A Taliban-claimed attack on an Afghan intelligence base in Kabul leads to the death of 43 people and the injury of 54 others.
   Jan. 23: An armed robbery of Sun Trust bank in the city of Sebring, Florida, leads to the death of five people.
   Jan. 27: Two explosions rocked a cathedral south of the Philippines, leading to the death of 27 people and the injury of 10.
   Jan. 29: Shooting in Houston, Texas, leads to the death of two shooters and the injury of five people.
   Jan. 30: Filipino authorities announce the death of two people and the injury of four others in a mosque explosion south of the country.
   Jan. 31: Mine collapse in northwestern China leads to the death of 21 people.
   Feb. 5: Fire in a housing complex in Paris leads to the death of eight people and the injury of 30 others.
   Feb. 5: A Taliban-sponsored attack leads to the death of 28 security and military personnel north of Afghanistan.
   Feb. 6: A building collapse in the Asian part of Istanbul leads to the death of 13 people.
   Feb. 10: Taliban fighters assault Afghan security forces, killing 23 personnel.
   Feb. 12: Indian police says 17 people were killed and 34 others injured in a fire occurring at a hotel in New Delhi.
   Feb. 13: An explosion on Iranian revolutionary guards kill 20 personnel.
   Feb. 16: Shooting at a factory in Aurora, Illinois, kills five individuals.
   Feb. 17: A fire at a shantytown in Bangladesh leads to the death of eight individuals and the injury of 50 others.
   Feb. 18: Suicidal attack in Cairo leads to the death of three policemen in addition to the perpetrator.
   Feb. 21: Fire at houses and chemical materials' storages in Dhaka, Bangladesh, leads to the death of 70 people.
   Feb. 23: An airstrike targeting the Taliban in Afghanistan leads to the death of 10 fighters.
   Feb. 24: Clashes with gunmen in India-controlled Jammu and Kashmir leads to the death of two Indian soldiers and the injury of three.
   March 1: A Taliban attack on Helmand military base south of Afghanistan leads to the death of 25 soldiers.
   March 4: A helicopter crash western Iran leads to the death of five individuals.
   March 6: Suicidal attack in Jalalabad city, Afghanistan, leads to the death of 16 individuals.
   March 7: An attack by elements belonging to the so-called Islamic State (IS) in Kabul results in the death of 11 individuals.
   March 9: A shooting at bar in Guanajuato, Mexico, leads to the death of 15 individuals and the injury of seven.
   March 10: An Ethiopian airline flight heading to Nairobi, Kenya, crashes, leading to the death of 157 people.
   March 13: US airstrikes in southern Afghanistan leads to the death of five Afghan soldiers and the injury of 20 others.
   March 14: A pedestrian bridge collapse in Mumbai, India, leads to the death of five people and the injury of 36 others.
   March 15: Armed assault on two mosques in New Zealand kills 50 people and injures more than 40 others.
   March 18: Shooting on a tram in the Netherlands leads to the death of three people and the injury of five others.
   March 22: Two US soldiers die during the NATO-led Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) in Kabul.
   March 22: Explosion at a pesticide factory eastern China kills 74 individuals and injures 34 others.
   March 23: Armed attack in Mali leads to the death 134 people.
   March 25: US airstrike in Afghanistan leads to the death of 13 people, mostly children.
   March 28: A fire at a commercial complex in Dhaka, Bangladesh, leads to the death of 19 people and the injury of 70 others.
   March 29: A Taliban attack in central Afghanistan leads to the death of 15 policemen.
   March 31: An explosion in China leads to the death of seven people.
   April 9: An Indian Member of Parliament (MP) and four of his security personnel were killed when Maoist rebels ambushed their convoy in the Indian State of Chhattisgarh.
   April 12: Thirty-six rebels from Burundi were killed in clashes with two armed groups east of the country.
   April 20: Four Turkish soldiers killed along with 20-armed men during clashes between the army and Peoples Workers Party (PKK) near the Iraqi borders.
   April 21: In a series of bombings claimed by the so-called Islamic State (IS) 321 people were killed and 500 injured after the targeting of churches and hotels in Sri Lanka.
   April 28: More than 270 people died due to exhaustion during the Indonesian presidential and parliamentary election, the biggest in the history of the country.

May 1: Two people were killed and four injured in shootout in the US University of North Carolina at Charlotte.
   May 6: Thirteen people killed in a plane crash, which was headed from Las Vegas to Monterrey in northern Mexico.
   May 9: Eight killed and 12 injured in a suicide bombing targeting Al-Sadr city east of Baghdad.
   May 14: four people are dead and 10 injured after two floatplanes carrying cruise ship passengers collided in flight near Ketchikan, Alaska.
   May 14: Saudi security said terrorist attack targeting two oil-pumping stations in the towns of Al-Duwadmi and Afif in Riyadh.
   May 19: Seventeen people injured in an explosion, which targeted a tourist bus, near an Egyptian museum in Cairo.
   May 22: Eleven Indian people were killed, among them a politician and four members of his family, when they were ambushed between Khonsa and Deomali road, by separates armed militants.
   May 22: Six people were killed and 200 injured after tension in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, particularly after President Joko Widodo won the election.
   May 31: US led coalition against the IS said they have eliminated more than 1,300 killed since 2014 until last April.
   June 1: Eleven people were killed and at least six injured in shootout a municipal center in US Virginia State.
   June 4: Eight mountain climbers discovered dead in the Indian Himalayas.
   June 5: One security guard and a police officer were killed and six others were injured in an ambush south of Arish in Sinai port province.
   June 10: nighty five killed in armed attack targeting Sobanou-Kou village in central Mali.
   June 10: At least 41 people were killed in attacks targeting villages northern Nigeria.
   June 12: Twenty-six injured as result of rocket attack carried out by Houthi militia targeting Abha airport southwest of the Saudi kingdom.
   June 23: One killed and 21 injured in a missile attack claimed by Houthi militia targeting Abha International Airport.
   June 23: Ethiopia's Army Chief General Seare Mekonnen was shot dead by his bodyguard just hours after an attempted coup in Amhara state north of the country.
   June 25: Seven security guards killed in armed attack targeting a checkpoint in Arish area north of Sinai.
   June 27: A policeman was killed and 12 others injured in two suicide bombing in central Tunisia.
   July 1: At least 23 people were killed and 300 people were missing over armed attack in central Mali.
   July 2: A fire abroad a Russian navy research submersible has resulted in killing 14 crew members.
   July 3: An attack left 40 African migrants dead and over 130 injuries on the outskirts of the Libyan capital Tripoli.
   July 3: A migrant boat capsized off and left 72 people dead near the coast of Tunisia.
   July 9: Three forces of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) were killed and another wounded by unknown gunmen in the city of Piranshahr, western Iran.
   July 11: At least 11 people were killed and more than 60 injures after colliding of two trains in Pakistan.
   July 13: A fire in a building at Mahboula, Kuwait, which killed three people.
   July 18: At least 33 people were killed after an arson fire attack at animation studio in the Japanese city of Kyoto.
   July 18: Fifteen people were killed and other injuries after bus overturning carrying illegal migrants, eastern Turkey.
   July 20: Chinese gas factory explosion resulted in killing 10 people and 19 serious injuries.
   July 24: At least six people have been killed and the mayor of Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, wounded in a suicide bombing attack by Al-Shabab.
   July 26: Israeli forces killed a Palestinian protester at Gaza border.
   July 26: Four people were dead and two wounded over shooting spree at Los Angeles, California, US.
   July 28: More than 65 people were killed by Boko Haram in the district of Borno state, Nigeria.
   July 29:  At least three people were killed and 12 others wounded in a shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in Northern California.
   July 29: Two US service members from NATO-led Resolute Support were killed in Afghanistan.
   July 30: Seventeen people were killed over military plane crashed into a residential area in the Pakistani city of Rawalpindi.
   Aug. 4: Twenty people were murdered at Walmart by gunman in the city of El-Paso, Texas.
   Aug. 4: Shooting in Dayton, Ohio left nine people dead.
   Aug. 4: At least 19 people were killed and 30 people were injured over multiple car explosion in Cairo, Egypt.
   Aug. 4: Car bomb explosion in Cairo killed at least 20 people and left 47 injuries.
   Aug. 4: At least 31 people died after three ferry boats capsized in the Philippines.
   Aug. 5: Airstrike kills at least 42 people in Marzouq city, Libya.
   Aug. 8: Five people were killed and three injured following a rocket explosion on an Arctic naval test range in Russia.
   Aug. 9: At least 85 people were killed due to tanker explosion in Tanzania.
   Aug. 23: At least five people were killed in a stampede at rap concert in Algeria.
   Aug. 25: Seven people were dead after a helicopter and a small plane collided in the air above the Spanish island of Mallorca.

Sept. 1: Fifteen people were killed from IS during anti-terrorism operation in Samarra province, Iraq.
   Sept. 9: More than 30 people were dead, and several injuries in a stampede during Ashura rituals at Imam's Hussain Shrine, Karbala.
   Sept. 21: At least 150 people were arrested during the yellow vests protests in Paris.
   Sept. 27: The Egyptian army declared to kill 118 terrorists, and destroying 33 hideouts during raids in North Sinai.
   Sept. 28: At least eight people from IS were killed over Arial Bombardment in Saladin Governorate, Iraq.
   Sept. 29: At least 36 people were killed after a bus collided with a lorry in eastern China.
   Oct. 3: Four policemen were killed in a stabbing incident at a police station in Paris.
   Oct. 4: Ukraine plane crashed near Lviv airport in western Ukraine resulting in killing at least five people.
   Oct. 6: Four people were killed and five others wounded in a shooting in Kansas City in the US.
   Oct. 7:  At least 13 Women drown as migrant boat capsizes off Lampedusa in Italy.
   Oct. 12: Sixteen people were killed in an attack on a mosque in northern Burkina Faso.
   Oct. 23: British police announced that they had found bodies of 39 Chinese citizens in a truck coming from Bulgaria.
   Oct. 25: Ethiopian police said the death toll of anti-prime minister demonstrations has risen to 67.
   Oct. 26: At least 17 people were killed, hundreds injured and over 7,000 others arrested in demonstrations in Chile.
   Oct. 27: The US announced that Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, the leader of IS had been killed in a military operation in northern Syria.
   Oct. 31: At least 73 people killed and 40 others wounded in a train fire in Punjab Province in southern Pakistan.
   Oct. 31: The US announced that the vaping-related death toll had risen to 37.
   Nov. 2: Fifty-four people killed, including 53 soldiers, in a terror attack against a military post in norther Mali.
   Nov. 6: Thirty-seven people killed and more than 60 injured in an armed attack on a convoy of workers in Burkina Faso.
   Nov. 12: Twelve people killed and over 40 others when trains collided in eastern Bangladesh.
   Nov. 14: Egyptian health ministry said seven people killed and over 16 injured in an explosion of an oil pipeline in western Buhaira governorate.
   Nov. 18: Amnesty International said 106 people were killed during protests in Iran, which broke out after the government raised fuel prices by 50 percent.
   Nov. 18: The US imposed sanctions on five institutions and four persons, mostly in Turkey, for providing financial and logistical support for IS.
   Nov. 24: The institute of economy and peace said the top 10 countries exposed to terrorism in 2019 were: Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, India, Yemen, the Philippines and Democratic Republic of Congo.
   Nov. 24: Around 17 French soldiers killed in crash of two military helicopters in Mali.
   Dec. 1: Twenty-six people killed after a buss plummeted off a cliff in northern Tunisian State of Beja.
   Dec. 1: nine people killed, three injured in plane crash in US State of South Dakota.
   Dec. 1: Fifteen people killed, 18 injured in buss fall from a bridge in eastern Russia.
   Dec. 1: Seventeen people killed in a buss fall Taza city north Morocco.
   Dec. 1: A report by the UNAMA, documented 8,239 civilian casualties (2,563 killed and 5,676 injured) in Afghanistan in the first nine months of 2019.
   Dec. 2: Thirteen people killed after fire broke out in a residential area of Al-Shona in Jordan.
   Dec. 3: Twenty-three people killed and more than 130 injured in ceramic factory fire in Khartoum.
   Dec. 4: Baghdad operation command says nine police officers were injured after a hand grenade attack targeting the central bank in the city.
   Dec. 4: Iraq's security forces said they arrested Hamed Shaker Al-Badri, Deputy Commander of IS.
   Dec. 5: UN immigration agency said 58 people killed drowning near Mauritania and the Atlantic Ocean.
   Dec. 5: three people killed in fire inside Pearl Harbor Air Base in the US State of Hawaii.
   Dec. 5: Egyptian Interior Ministry says three terrorists killed during raid operation in Northern Sinai.
   Dec. 6: Three people killed, eight injured in a shooting attack in Pearl Harbor Base in the Hawaii.
   Dec. 8: More than 35 people killed in huge factory fire in New Delhi.
   Dec. 10: Chile says a missing military plane was on its way to base, carrying 38 people when it disappeared in southern arctic.
   Dec. 10: Four people were killed in a shootout in one of the hospitals in Czech Republic.
   Dec. 10: Five people killed in a terrorist attack carried out by members of Al-Shabab movement in Mogadishu.
   Dec. 11: Six people killed in shootout inside a store in US State of New Jersey.
   Dec. 12: Russia says one killed and nine injured when fire broke out at a military airplane carrier.
   Dec. 13: A US center for combating disease control and prevention said the number of death cases of e-cigarette, or vaping, and associated lung injury (EVALI), increased to 52 cases.
   Dec. 13: One person killed and 25 injured when a residential building collapsed in Germany.
   Dec. 16: Six persons were killed and tens injured in wide-scale demonstrations in many Indian cities in protest against a new citizenship law, which banned nationality for immigrant Muslims.
   Dec. 17: Reporters without borders said 49 journalists were killed worldwide in 2019.
   Dec. 17: Fourteen workers were killed in an explosion in a coal mine in southwestern China.
   Dec. 17: A special court handed down the death penalty against former President Pervez Musharraf on treason.
   Dec. 18: Twelve people were killed when two trucks collided in Egypt.
   Dec. 18: India announced a state of emergency after 12 policemen were injured in anti-citizenship law.
   Dec. 19: One person was killed and others were injured in a shooting incident near the federal security department in Moscow.
   Dec. 23: Saudi Arabia sentenced five people to death and 24 others to jail over the murder of Saudi citizen Jamal Khashoggi. (end)