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Deputy FM: Kuwait took important efforts to combat extremism

Ambassador Nasser Al-Subeeh
Ambassador Nasser Al-Subeeh
KUWAIT, Dec 9 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al-Jarallah on Monday affirmed that his country has embarked on a series of important efforts towards combating terrorism and violent extremism. This came in Al-Jarallah' speech, which was delivered on his behalf by Assistant Foreign Minister for Development and International Cooperation Affairs Ambassador Nasser Al-Subeeh in the opening of a workshop, entitled (The concept of extremism and its impact on society).
He said that the concept of extremism is linked to negative changes and behaviors that violence groups seek to spread to achieve political goals and requires to confront this phenomenon spreading a culture of tolerance and moderation and respect for human rights and positive dialogues.
He stressed that Kuwait has embarked on a national and international level a series of important efforts towards combating terrorism and extremism, as it issued and is still working on issuing several legislations, laws, decisions and regulations related to combating extremism and terrorism.
This project represents a firm affirmation of Kuwait's continued enhancement of international efforts to urge the international community and work to adopt a comprehensive approach to tackle this phenomenon, he added.
He stated that the workshop organized by Kuwait represented by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with experts from the United Kingdom would contribute to Kuwait's continued enhancement of its efforts in the field.
This title was chosen for the workshop in light of the internationally delicate circumstances that imposed itself as a step towards understanding and addressing this phenomenon to maintain the pillars of international peace and security, he added.
Ambassador Al-Subeeh said that extremism is no longer associated with a country or religion, but rather threatens the security of all countries of the world, stressing that it represents a negative element in every society and has a negative impact on families and individuals in the education and work environment.
He pointed out that Kuwait and the UK decided to hold a workshop to exchange experiences and expertise between the two countries on the scientific concept of extremism and the best ways and means to deal with this phenomenon. (end) nsh.aa