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Parliamentary consultations in Lebanon Dec. 9 to choose new PM

By Ayoub Khaddaj

BEIRUT, Dec 8 (KUNA) -- Parliamentary consultations with President Michel Aoun will begin tomorrow, December ninth, to choose the new Prime Minister for the country a month after the cabinet of Saad Al-Hariri resigned.
Speaking to KUNA, constitutional expert Professor Antoine Sfeir said that the President would be receiving parliamentary blocs and MPs Monday to discuss who is most suitable to lead the government in the upcoming period.
The expert indicated that the President is obliged to listen to consultation on this important matter; however, it is his decision to choose the most suitable person to lead government in accordance with article 53 of the constitution.
On his part, professor of constitutional law at the Lebanese University Dr. Essam Ismail said that it was paramount for the President to listen to the various views on who is most ready to take Lebanon forward, adding that President Aoun is advised to choose a figure based on the consultations.
He noted that the President would have an easier task if the consultation among parliamentarians narrowed the options into a fewer number of candidates.
While, experts differ on the specific mechanisms of choosing the new Prime Minister, the President might postpone the announcement of the post if he saw varying views on the issue. (end) ayb.gta