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US lawmakers approve bill backing two-state solution

WASHINGTON, Dec 6 (KUNA) -- The US House of Representatives on Friday passed a symbolic measure backing a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict - an implicit rebuke to President Donald J. Trump.
The vote, passed mostly along party lines, was 226 to 188, with only five Republicans breaking ranks and joining the Democrats.
The legislation declares, "Only the outcome of a two-state solution -- can both ensure the state of Israel's survival as a Jewish and democratic state and fulfill the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people for a state of their own." On November 18, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Trump's Administration is reversing the previous approach towards Israeli settlements.
He was referring to the US-conceived two-state solution.
After carefully studying all sides of the legal debate, this administration agrees that the Jewish settlements in the West Bank are not inconsistent with international law, he maintained. (end) asj.gb