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Kuwait renews support for Palestine's rights

Kuwait's First Secretary Bashar Al-Duweisan
Kuwait's First Secretary Bashar Al-Duweisan
NEW YORK, Nov 13 (KUNA) -- Kuwait renewed full support for Palestine in its battle against Israeli violations.
The remarks were made by Kuwait's First Secretary Bashar Al-Duweisan, while discussing the Israeli violations against Palestinians, during the UN General Assembly Fourth Committee's meeting late Wednesday.
Palestinians had been suffering Israeli violence for over 50 years, he said. The international laws state that Jerusalem is Palestine's capital, Al-Duweisan noted, calling on all countries to recognize that.
Israel is continuously violating the United Nations Security Council's (UNSC) articles on protecting Palestinians' rights. In March 2018, Israeli forces killed over 210 Palestinian civilians with 46 being children during a peaceful protest.
He expressed regret over the UNSC's weak role in protecting Palestinian civilians and ending Israeli violence.
He also expressed concern over the expansion of Israeli settlements, which is a violation of UNSC's article 2334.
Kuwait is backing Palestine's request to expand the Fourth Committee's membership to include more regional powers that could play an effective role, said Al-Duweisan.
He called on the international community to exert more efforts to protect Palestinians rights and put pressure on Israel to end its occupation of Palestinian and Arab territories.
He also called for investigating the over use of power and weapons against Palestinian civilians and bring those involved in acts of violence to justice.
Moreover, Al-Duweisan called for lifting the illegal land and marine siege on Gaza Strip and allow freedom of movement in the strip and the West Bank. (end) asf.ag