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Al-Jahra Nature Reserve... A Kuwaiti globally recognized project

Al-Jahra Nature Reserve
Al-Jahra Nature Reserve

By Zahra'a Al-Kademi

KUWAIT, Oct 20 (KUNA) -- Al-Jahra Nature Reserve gained global recognition for its efforts in the previous several years, which led to it being included in the green list of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
After the reserve recognition, Kuwaiti authorities are working to register all of the country's reserves in the IUCN's Green List to affirm Kuwait's environmental commitments toward the climate change.
In a statement to KUNA, The Environment Protection Authority's (EPA) Deputy Director General for Technical Affairs Dr. Abdullah Al-Zaidan announced Sunday that registering Al-Jahra Nature reserve considered as an official admission of its efficiency.
Both of IUCN and EPA are cooperating to evaluate Al-Jahra Nature Reserve on 17 criteria and the final certificate will be submitted, he added.
Al-Zaidan hoped that this achievement would motivate the rest of reserves and its responsible authorities to get the Green List approval. The criteria includes planning management, improving the reserve, and having positive results.
He mentioned that the EPA is the responsible authority on setting policies and programmers in all reserves. The EPA also is putting efforts to protect animals and plants that are threatened by extinction by relocation and preservation of their kinds.
Al-Jahra reserve's size around 18 kilometers and it is located west of Kuwait Bay, which led to the biodiversity of its environments (plants and wildlife).
In addition, it cis onsidered as a great center for field studies for all educational stages, Al-Zaidan added.
He mentioned that a periodical maintenance for the reserve's fence by the EPA. In addition, security guards and EPA's employees are always available for any emergences.
There are many suggested areas for nature reserves that going to be reviewed by Environment Supreme Council, he added. (end) zak.mah